He doesn’t break promises.

Tweet from Tea Pain reads: “184,622 COVID deaths 1819 deaths in past 24 hours Unemployment 10.2% 1 million new unemployment claims this week GDP drops 32.9% Economy in deep recession Trump is killin’ us.”

This is Trump’s America, but Biden is going to tear this country down to the ground? My crystal ball is broken.

Can I borrow yours?

Allsides, a news site with three versions of stories

I’ve enjoyed checking Allsides.com lately, which is a website attempting to offer three versions of major headlines. It’s interesting, though, because sometimes I read the center headline and think, “If I were conservative, I’d see that as leftist.” But center is often the most descriptive and its job is not to mislead but inform.

I will be voting blue in November. But if a strong candidate were to arise on either side, I’d consider both. There isn’t one issue so strong as to sway my vote, like, say abortion or prochoice.

You can take climate change, regulations, illegal immigration, gay marriage, et al. If a candidate is worth voting for, he or she or they have my vote.

But give Allsides a try sometime. You might find it an interesting browse that opens up your brain nuggets to alternate views of thought.