Righteous Indignation, thy name is John Oliver

John Oliver’s weekly Sunday night feat of clear communicating, citation driven, liberal-biased entertainment show is often one of my favorite ways to spend 20 to 30 minutes on a Monday.

This clip from last night is nothing short of an angry diatribe. And rightly so. Americans are angry. Democrats are screaming that we should all come together and Republicans are screaming, “Law and Order! Get in line behind the divider in chief!”

While one side says let’s keep the blacks out of our suburban neighborhood safe zones but we’re not racist. The other side asks to work together to build a stronger bond and find a way to mend these broken fences.

Peace will not come coerced. It will not come contrived. You can’t control Americans like they’re kindergartners. Fear is a control device for unempathetic sociopaths.

It will come in the form of a massive compromise and an open heart to love and acceptance. Not “us vs. themism.” Not, that group isn’t American. This is what you can expect if “democrats” take control when it’s happening now. Here. Plain as day. “THIS” is Trump’s version of America.

Narcissistic power hunger pangs are loud. But the call for equality, for putting United back into the United States of America, for meaning what we say and saying what we mean when we declare all lives matter. Black Lives Matter. Blue Lives matter. They can all exist at the same time. Just like three Gods in one.

Wink wink. Nudge Nudge. Honk honk.

It’s not democrat run cities that are the problem. Democrats are much more prevalent in cities, because of many reasons. Sadly, the numbers point toward level of education and sometimes skin color. Blue cities are a place where all are welcome. Where you can wear a red hat with white stitching AND a BLM shirt on the same block.

Us vs. Them. Good vs. Evil. That’s no way to live free.

That all melds and melts into one on the streets of a city.

What did Pol Pot do? He evacuated cities, murdered its citizens, because rural citizens are much more pliable than folks who diversify their views. He himself was highly educated. But he wanted his citizens dumb, farmers and spread out. Controlled. Who wanted communism? A dictator. An authoritarian dictator.

The clip from John Oliver, though, is a solid glance summary of the world we live in. One where Sheriff’s call for Eugenics. One where there’s a call to throw them (whispers: the blacks) into in a warehouse until they die so they can’t procreate, then turn the warehouses into Amazon distribution centers. Keep the voices down that can oppose our views!

Fascists say what?

This is the self described “pro-life” tribe. This is the anti-Maraget Sanger crowd. This is the pro-Jesus, pro-love, “Jesus Loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to him belong. They are weak but he is strong. Yes, Jesus loves SOME of us. Yes, Jesus Loves some of us” crowd.

Red and yellow, black and white. They are precious in his sight. We think he does anyway. We definitely sang it in church. Over and over and over. Until it was able to be recited from memory 40 years later.

Covid-19 deaths? No problem.

No access to good healthcare? No problem. There’s always the ER.

All Americans are created equal. No problem. So long as whites get to enjoy more benevolence, better conditions, better schools and better access to healthcare.

No welfare. No problem.

No peace. No problem.

No pro-life. We’ve got a PROBLEM!

Pol Pot. I’m surprised no one brings that dude up. It was only some seventy years ago that this guy was filling graves with Cambodian bodies. He was imprisoning people, torturing them. Scattering them onto farms. Concentration Camp farms. Boy, who’s the party that supports imprisoning innocent people searching for a better life, separating them from their parents and devaluing their humanity?

But we’re using Obama’s infrastructure? Right? Right? Bueller?

Or we can start brainstorming ways to support each other. Rather than quickly argue your points, brainstorm. That’s what this article recommends for conflict resolution.

On one hand, you have a team of people declaring Law and Order is THE only way to conflict resolution. The other team keeps saying let’s work to change the system and make it better for everyone. Nope. Law & Order. My way or highway. Let’s silently protest. No that’s unAmerican. Let’s march. Nope, you can’t do that. We’re angry that black people are disproportionately killed by police than white people. No, you can’t show us facts.

We will turn to violence. Nope, that’s unAmerican.

What is American? Authoritarians with an unapologetic, unabashed view of the world by tyranny. If God doesn’t answer prayers, if he doesn’t ever change his mind by the will of his Children, how then does he get a pass as an authoritarian dick? How does Trump get a pass on unbending, unyielding HIS WAY ONLY rhetoric.

That, dear readers, is not American. We are one people. With contrasting viewpoints. We deserve to be counted among the population. But children don’t communicate. They fight. They bully. They throw temper tantrums.

As the governor of Wisconsin pointed out today, Trump isn’t offering solutions so why have him visit Kenosha if he’s leading the division machine? Let’s work together to empower those who are getting the shit end of the deal. One team acts like children. The other is well advanced in years and wants a collegiate or better condition for advancing the situation. The resulting violence is a clear voice of frustration and a mixed bag of blood lust from a party who would LOVE to have a RaHoWa.

We’re sitting on mats in jail cells in a future warehouse for Amazon distribution. The racists and bigots are hoping to keep us there so we don’t diversify our so-dangerous ideas. Keep them quiet. Only they can murder. Only they can lie. Only they can have sex with as many people as they can woo. Only they can be free.

Oppositional ideas impose your freedoms on me.

over and over and over and over and over and over.

The skeleton of this dead horse is splintering my toes and feet with each kick.

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