Fake News Trump fakes fake news photo op. Sad!

If he can’t be honest about a photo op and whose shop it is, maybe, just maybe, he’s lying about being “pro-life” among many, many, many, many, many, many, mini, other things.

“The owner of an old Kenosha camera shop refused to pose with Trump, saying Trump was using him and his shop for political gain. So Trump had the former owner of the shop pretend to be the current owner for a photo op.”

Hyperbole sells? Nah, it’s what people are buying

The above tweet thread from Oliver Willis is an interesting one. He makes the claim that certain hyperbolic statements live only in an online dream and are believed quickly because of confirmation bias. That’s not exactly what he wrote, but it’s the sentiment.

If I find one or two people who agree with my stance, it must be true.

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Jr screams “Double Standard!” No one called out Obama for riots, except my dad. But no one else! Except everyone who hated Obama.

Jr. appeared on on the Ingram Angle to alter history:

“Imagine wearing a MAGA hat in Portland,” Trump Jr. told “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday. “You could wear a Biden hat [in] any city in the country [and[ no one would do anything. That’s the difference. That’s the double standard … These are not conservatives doing this. They are Joe Biden voters burning down their cities.”

In response to Biden’s claim that violence is Trump’s fault because it’s happening under his watch as president, Trump Jr. called that argument “insane,” pointing out that no one blamed Barack Obama for riots in places like Ferguson, Mo. and Baltimore after incidents in which Black men died after encounters with police.

Before I post below the fold Jr. Daddy’s twitter response to the Ferguson and Baltimore riots, I hope I never see anyone wearing a Biden hat. It’s so douche-y to don political hats, clothes, wave flags, etc. It’s not a goddamn sports ball match. It’s fucking politics. These people don’t deserve our praise and worship, nor devotion or applause. They should be wearing the hat that says, “I love America” and work their asses off for us. Not us, bowing to them.

Below the fold … go.

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