Hyperbole sells? Nah, it’s what people are buying

The above tweet thread from Oliver Willis is an interesting one. He makes the claim that certain hyperbolic statements live only in an online dream and are believed quickly because of confirmation bias. That’s not exactly what he wrote, but it’s the sentiment.

If I find one or two people who agree with my stance, it must be true.

Today’s online presence is as lazy as my colleagues efforts to learn in both high school and in college.

At times, in college, I would reach for a book with the least amount of pages to use as resources, because I was overwhelmed with other class work. And when professors called me out on it a few times, I struggled to defend myself. They were right. I got “lazy.”

But holy shit, I was exhausted in college from devoting almost all my time to studies and hardly any to a social calendar.

My view of American culture is hugely lazy. When I worked in corporate America, I saw the leadership as a bunch of people with too much time on their hands, rarely executing real work, and sending the minions like me in every direction possible to keep us busy.

Willis writes that Twitter isn’t real life. What he fails to point out is that news outlets aren’t real life either. Online is not real life. Hell, our views aren’t real life. Real life is an enigma. Put me in a room with a piece of art with 10 other people and there will be one or two opinions and nine people who repeat what I said or what the other person said.

If two people are standing on a street corner and a car accident happens in front of both of them, they’ll both present completely different view points of what happened.

If ten people were at that corner, there would be a couple different perspectives and the rest of them would overhear the one perspective and repeat it.

It’s not just algorithms.

This phenomenon has been a challenge for eons.

And yet we’re to believe that the four Gospels were accurate. More accurate perspectives than any other view, because a group of dudes got together a few hundred years later and designated some books good and others bad.

There were no eye witnesses whose accounts survived the Yeshua story. Just like NO writer was dictating in real time the story of Adam and Eve. You can’t believe the shit you hear, see or read on the Internet, TV or radio. How then, does one argue for the accuracy of mostly illiterate people at the so-called beginning of time?

I’ll leave you with this thought, because I keep hearing it lately. “We are all family if you go back far enough to Adam and Eve.” One of my first thoughts is: going back to Noah might be easier to trace. And that’s a bit simplistic.

What’s more important is how weird it sounds that one would be so proud as to boast that we are all the result of incest. Incest. A sex act that results in poor genetic distribution is something to be proud of? No. I’d rather not think that the rules of sex changed throughout time because I want to remain willfully ignorant to science.

Think about it. Adam and Eve’s children had to sleep with each other to start the race. Cousins then slept with cousins, we’d assume. And then God wiped out civilization – lazy son of a gun – and left it to Noah and his three sons to repopulate the earth. So again, we have another generation of dumbshits repopulating. At the very least, first cousins fucking each other.

So Adam and Eve. Cain and his sisters. Cain and his mom. Adam and his daughters. Cain’s sons with Eve. Cain’s daughters with Adam. Cain with his daughters. Cousins on cousins. Sisters on brothers. Until the population was great enough to murder by drowning.

But with Noah, we tack on another gigantically impossible idea. That 500 year olds were fecund. My wife and I couldn’t have children 10 years ago in our 30s because we were too old. So not only is fertility possible in one’s 500s, but it’s also possible to survive incest.

What a pile of bullshit.

But it’s easier to think that than read science, so on we go, boasting that ignorance is better than intelligence. It’s sewn into the fabric of a worldview. So engrained that it blinds and obscures.

Woe is me. Lazy art thou.

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