Moral superiority, moral ambiguity, moral majority, moral relativity and YOU!

Above are redrawn political cartoons from the 30s and 40s from artist Eric Godal. Chris Piascik has updated Godal’s drawings for 2020 

My parents sent all three of their kids to a Christian school right in the middle of North Carolina. I’ve written on this topic so much, even I’m bored with it. I am forever grateful for my upbringing and the disciplines that came of it. I am better because I was given true keys to success and how to achieve it.

But the problem is what I was taught and what is done is at each others throat. And the latter is killing the former.

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The abject issue with sharing memes

Fuck. If there’s one thing I’m hating more and more it’s the sharing of memes on the social medias.

They are designed to divide. Plain and simple. They mix a message that one group is attempting to use to persuade a group, simultaneously persuading that very group that the person who shared the meme is an asshole.

Memetics and the term meme is a term coined by Richard Dawkins. It’s not necessarily an idea he came up with. But it describes how humans pass along information like DNA. Our parents teach us what they know, and like copy machines, it imprints on children. They grow up, and if they aren’t too occupied with expanding that memetic set of information, they marry, have children and pass along a copy to their children.

Memes are simply the distribution of information from one source to the other.

But the definition of memes is expanded to include these bumper sticker messages people put on the internet. And they’ve become a method to both soothe one person’s surfeiting need to both validate one’s views and accost his opponent’s views.

The above is a PERFECT example of a liberal meme that both satiates the desire to send a clear message simultaneously punching the poster’s enemy in the mouth. Not the real mouth. The figurative mouth.

It reads: “Japan has less than 1,000 covid deaths. They never went in to full economic shut down. They have an unemployment rate of 2.6%. How did they do it? Virtually everybody wears a mask. Americans have no idea how fucking stupid they look on the world stage.”

Maybe Kyle Kulinski didn’t turn this statement into a meme. But his words were affective enough that someone did.

At first I thought, the more appropriate way to sell this message to my “fucking stupid” friends would be to remove the words “fucking stupid” from the meme.

Then I realized, albeit a lot less effective, remove the second paragraph that starts with Americans have no idea … ”

Mind you. I am NOT preaching. I’m a complete asshole hypocrite. Just last night, a meme triggered me to be a fat jerk.

This meme is short and sweet.

A right-winger is taking the term social distancing, branding it with a right-wing talking point and then the punch is the “back the blue.”

Backing the blue has EVERYTHING to do with socialism. We all pay taxes and those taxes are redistributed into budgets. Those budgets pay for our social services like police.

In fact, “social services” — or socialism for short — pay for: “benefits and facilities like education, food subsidies, health care, police, fire service, job training and subsidized housing, adoption, community management, policy research, and lobbying.”

Socialism = Social security. It’s money everyone pays into a big kitty and then it’s redistributed.

Socialism is somehow the dirtiest name calling in our democratic debate, and yet it is what Americans thrive off of. I didn’t see ONE person turn down that $1200 from the government. That was a social service.

Of course there were a bunch of smart people who took advantage of the small business funds and stole millions from the pockets of the needy. Funny how those assholes seem to vote red.

The whole idea that the rich are getting richer during a pandemic should be blowing minds. Bezos. Musk. Zuckerberg.

Meanwhile, my small business will easily LOSE over half of our annual income thanks to this pandemic.

Meanwhile I’m the fucking hypocrite calling my friends dumb and smart at the same time. Was that nice? No. Was it what I thought, yes. Did I elaborate. No.

I’m struggling because all of this meme shit from the right and the left needs to stop. I’m tired of it. I don’t like it from either side of the fence. It’s divisive and dumb.

It’s not a Christian value and it’s not an atheist value. It’s a human value to love one another and to approach the topics with open minds and a humble spirit.

Gosh, I wish I were perfect.