Moral superiority, moral ambiguity, moral majority, moral relativity and YOU!

Above are redrawn political cartoons from the 30s and 40s from artist Eric Godal. Chris Piascik has updated Godal’s drawings for 2020 

My parents sent all three of their kids to a Christian school right in the middle of North Carolina. I’ve written on this topic so much, even I’m bored with it. I am forever grateful for my upbringing and the disciplines that came of it. I am better because I was given true keys to success and how to achieve it.

But the problem is what I was taught and what is done is at each others throat. And the latter is killing the former.

I can’t help bitching about it. Every 500th blink or so, I look around and see some devastating challenge to the morals our teachers at school taught us.

For example, the idea of secularism and moral relativity was all the rage. Morals had absolutes provided to us by God himself. Moral ambiguity would land you a fiery demise in the afterlife. Eschew the evils of secularism!!!

Mind you, I was in elementary school when the flames of Satanic music and lyrics were licking the collective taints of almost every church and school in the Bible Belt. I remember sitting in the bleachers of our school gym, lights out, and a group had come to project a movie about the dangers of listening to music backwards and making claims that Ozzy Osbourne bit off the head of a bat and squirted blood on the first and second rows at a concert.

Crazy stuff.

There were many songs that played on the radio that had lyrics that my Christian teachings deemed blasphemous or Satanic, so I would either stop singing at certain parts of songs or I would fast forward to keep God’s omniscient eyes and ears from punishing me for sinning.

Secularism was evil. Feeding your ears with any ideas that countered the church were completely off limits. But we listened anyway. It was part of our fabric. Secular art will always outdo religious art. Well, let me rephrase that: contemporary religious art will never be as amazing as secular art.

Them’s the facts.

One statement that was bore into us like one of those large mechanical hammers that bangs huge iron support beams into the ground on construction sites was “all sins are equal in the sight of the Lord.”

And yet, without a shred of irony, the very same people who ramrodded that message into this little noggin of mine, have declared that the sin of abortion carries more weight than all other sins, and that’s why they are voting red November 3.

I can’t wrap my head around that.

Not to mention that a short 21 years ago, Mr. Trump supported abortion. His words are almost exactly the script I might use. “I don’t like abortion, but I’m for choice.”

I’m also for eradicating or eviscerating abortion numbers to as close to zero as possible. I think we all are. Well, except for the moral relativism of Christianity that pits sex against abortion in a war of abysmal circular rationale. You can’t have abortions without sex. But you can have sex without abortions. But sex is dirty. Sex is a sin in almost every situation except marriage between a man and a woman … because a big, dusty book written by science-less knowledge of the universe wanted to control the populations.

The answer is so goddamn plain it’s painful.

Another mechanical head banging into the dirt concept was the flagrant God-hating notion of “Moral Absolutes” vs. “Moral Ambiguity.”

Morals are absolute, teachers repeated. Ad nauseam. Morals were hand delivered by God himself to guide humans.

Immorality and Moral Ambiguities are Secular ideas.

And yet I can’t keep up with all the moral ambiguities trouncing the airwaves propagated by the religious right.

To be exact, Trump offends every single one of the moral absolutes I was taught except human life after conception and before delivery.

If I am to believe the words and actions of the leadership that taught me the Truth, the Gospel Truth, how are the Trump’s chasm of sinfulness somehow morally superior to that of Joe Biden’s ONLY because one supports choice and the other supports pussy grabbing, war heroes disparaging, business failing, Epstein loving, Hooker fucking, deception driving, business failing, economy killing, science hating Trump?

Moral ambiguity much?

Moral superiority?

Absolute values?

America deserves better. If the group that claims access to moral superiority is also dumping its moral absolutes card, they should simply own up. All sins are equal. Own up.

I’ll leave on this note, because it’s one of those hypocriticisms (my new word) that I love to hate. On CBN, Franklin Graham said, “The only hope of this country is God. Donald Trump can’t turn it around. Biden isn’t going to turn it around. Only God can do this, okay? And we need God’s help.” He goes on to say, “I just thank God that we’ve got a president who wants God, not only in his administration but he wants to see more of God here in Washington.”

Let’s talk about that. If ONLY God can do this, then ONLY God can do this.

If the creator of the universe isn’t handicapped, if he exists, if he is who he is claimed to be, he needs no party. He is LITERALLY everywhere. You can’t squeeze more God into government because he’s literally everywhere in it if he actually took a moment to believe what he preaches.

Saying “God” doesn’t put him more into government. But you know, believing the shit you say and saying shit aren’t the same thing. Or some bullshit.

If you want to see more God, I’m afraid Franklin should have someone murder him. No one is EVER going to see God before death, except in a pretty sunset and in the eyes of a newborn child, or so I’m told.

When is the ridiculous level of hypocrisy going to drop out of our sights and the people claiming the superiority own up to the words they are using to bang our heads with mechanical hammers?

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