Rick Steves’ The Story of Antifa. I mean The story of Fascism

We’ll trace fascism’s history from its roots in the turbulent aftermath of World War I, when masses of angry people rose up, to the rise of charismatic leaders who manipulated that anger, the totalitarian societies they built, and the brutal measures they used to enforce their ideology. We’ll see the horrific consequences: genocide and total war.

“I didn’t call war heroes losers. Just one time I did. Okay multiple times. Okay, I didn’t want to get my hair wet. I bankrupted six businesses. I’m not a loser, I’m a failure.”

“Pregnancy is not a life threatening illness” sayeth Sen. Ted Cruz

Scientific American: COVID-19 Can Wreck Your Heart, Even if You Haven’t Had Any Symptoms

From Scientific American:

Beyond its scientific backing, the notion that a COVID-19 patient might wind up with long-term lung scarring or breathing issues has the ring of truth. After all, we hear the stories, right? The virus can leave survivors explaining how they struggled to breathe, or how it can feel, in the wordsof actress Alyssa Milano, “like an elephant is sitting on my chest.”

We’ve also known for a while that some COVID-19 patients’ hearts are taking a beating, too—but over the past few weeks, the evidence has strengthened that cardiac damage can happen even among people who have never displayed symptoms of coronavirus infection. And these frightening findings help explain why college and professional sports leagues are proceeding with special caution as they make decisions about whether or not to play.

From an offensive lineman at Indiana University dealing with possible heart issues to a University of Houston player opting out of the season because of “complications with my heart,” the news has been coming fast and furiously.

There’s a chance I had Covid in May, but I never got tested. Because at the time, testing wasn’t as prevalent. After Tina tested positive, and I tested negative twice, I took an antibody test. It came back negative. Which according to reports means zilch.

However the biggest change to my health has been two things: Diarrhea multiple times a week and a massive decrease in running speeds. I’m a runner. And before May, I was easily running 10 miles every other day at eight minute per mile speeds. Now, I’m lucky to hit 9 minutes per mile. When I am in our yard doing work, I’m constantly bending over at the waist. My endurance is shit.

Without proof, I cannot verify that I had Covid. But some signs point toward yes. That I did. And if that indicates a compromised cardiovascular system, I’m struggling with anger and frustration.