The insane people Facebook subreddit is a train wreck!

Holy shit. I was just browsing TYWKIWDBI and he posted one example from the insanepeoplefacebook subreddit. I ended up surfing it for a minute and couldn’t even believe that these people exist and that they post to social media. Here’s a smattering. Go take a look at the madness yourselves.

The first one is the one that Stan posted, and it’s from a Missouri State Senator, who I assume is “pro-life”.

man, I want one of these sculptural rugs by Artist Faig Ahmed

On a scale of one to ten, these rugs are a one HUNDRED!

Awesome. The series is called “Doubts”. The artist says:

“We started the production of this work a month before the whole world plunged into doubts about the future due to the current situation caused by the pandemic. 
Because of the quarantine we had to close our textile studio several times and artwork on the loom was waiting for its time. A few days ago, after 7 months, “Doubts?” were cut off the loom. There are no more doubts in this carpet, destroying the geometric intelligible boundaries of the patterns – overflowing they geal on the floor – this is the limit of doubts.”

Read and see more here. And here.

The candle-lighting ceremony is getting brighter and brighter.

I have been struck by all the liberal voices rising from fellow graduates of my ultra conservative twelve grade school.

My class graduated 27 students. I’m not sure it broke the 50 student mark for many years. I think it does now.

But at the time, all 27 of us professed a devotion to fighting liberal values, to opposing secularism in all its forms, to being vocal advocates for evangelical conservative thought.

It was the modus operandi of the school. And we marched off the stage with our diplomas and tassels with proud fists clinched in the name of Jesus H. Christ.

It always struck me how history classes back then would bash nazism and Hitler for its push to attract school-age children so that when they grew up, they’d be mindlessly anti-Semitic. It would be all they knew. There wasn’t a shred of irony casting a shadow over teaching that concept all whilst pummeling our heads with conservative ideas desperately hoping they’d stick. That we’d infiltrate our communities as leaders, preachers and politicians, armed to the teeth with confidence in anti-evolution, anti-secular, pro-religious battle tactics.

We were proudly abstinence only, anti-gay, anti-secularism, anti-humanism, anti-atheist and anti-science. Six day creationists. “If God is all powerful, he could have done any thing written in the Bible.”

So we were literalists.

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