Joe Biden went to church this morning and visited his son’s grave. This is only a soupçon of how low Trump’s team goes.

This tweet is from President Trump’s Director of Strategic Response for his 2020 Campaign. It’s an attempt to damage Joe Biden as a meandering fool.

Imagine. Being so fucking dumb, hardhearted and void of human decency that you’d tweet this shit.

If Francis Brennen does the right thing and deletes this pathetic tweet, I’m screen capping it and posting it below the fold.

What’s worse, is the illustration of this brat of an asshole doesn’t even look like him. I’ll post a real photo of him below the fold.

“We try to just pump out as many facts as we can. Everything we do is fact-based. It’s not scrutinized or opinion-based. It’s all facts. We have to prove what we are saying. We can’t just sayings.” Francis Brennen, a 25- year old liar.

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