Trump’s ex-lawyer Cohen links Falwell’s endorsement in 2016 to suppression of racy photos

Reuters reports:

In “Disloyal: The Memoir,” Cohen describes thinking that his involvement in the Falwell photo matter would be a “catch and kill” — the practice of American tabloids to obtain and then suppress unfavorable stories about celebrities — “but in this case it was just going to be kill.”

He later writes: “In good time, I would call in this favor, not for me, but for the Boss, at a crucial moment on his journey to the presidency.”

Cohen has said that he helped persuade Falwell to endorse Trump just before Republican voters gathered in Iowa in February 2016 to nominate a presidential candidate. Falwell not only publicly vouched for Trump’s Christian virtues but also barnstormed with the candidate.

The material in Michael Cohen’s book, should it be true, is impressive. It would be difficult for any one person, as creative as they possibly might be, to publish this much creative fiction that resembles truthiness.

But this moment in particular is extremely stirring. If Falwell really led the evangelical pack with his coerced endorsement of President Trump, and then knowing now what happened with cuckolded Falwell and his wife, who not only slept with the pool boy for years, but gave her son’s friend blowjobs, the whole organization is nothing short of a mob.

Deceptive Manipulation is Trump’s middle name. And his supporters fellwell hook, line and stinker.

Imagine if you let a failed character like Falwell guide your voting decisions. What else might one be capable of?

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