Yesterday I learned: “Jeremiad” is a word

It’s a bit jarring to come across a new word that is based off of one’s name.

And I did that today. In this opinion piece by umair haque called: “How America became an idiocracy.” I’m not sure it’s actually worth reading. It’s the same old same old in terms of opinion rhetoric. It’s a little doom and gloom, even for this doomy gloom bottoms.

But this was the part that stopped me in my tracks (second paragraph):

But this America, Trump’s America, seems to have confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt what the world’s suspected about America: it’s a nation of idiots. Not all of them. Enough of them, anyways, to have caused this kind of spectacular and nightmarish collapse of a society.

I don’t mean that as an insult, or as a jeremiad, or even a rebuke. I mean, funnily enough, analytically. To the Greeks, the idiots was someone only interested in private gain, private advantage. And America is a nation like that. The Greeks thought, though, that such societies — made of too many idiots, or at least enough idiots — wouldn’t prosper: they’d be unable to cooperate to provide any form of public goods, or even cultivate virtues, which are allocentric (I care about us, you, not just me) human qualities. The Greeks, it seems, were far, far smarter than America’s crop of intellectuals — because if America’s a nation of idiots, then the Greeks were right: idiots do cause the ruin of a society, by leaving it unable to have any real form of common wealth, public good, functioning systems, or even gentle virtue.

My life is forever changed to know that a long lamentation of Biblical proportions is a “Jeremiad.”

It makes sense. Jeremiah a biblical “prophet” who wrote the book of Lamentations (supposedly) and was known as the “weeping prophet” … it’s guys like that who get words altered in their honor.

The meaning of my first and middle names are “God will uplift” and “laughter,” according to name interpretation sites. I’m a bit of an emotional crab, a cryer, a loose tempered mammoth. But I LOVE to laugh. I laugh loud and hard. It’s those kinds of emotions that swing and gift me with an incessant curiosity into why.

The Biblical Isaac was Abraham’s second son. But his first legitimate one. He and his wife Sarah had Isaac when they were well past their fertile years. Abraham is said to have been 99 years old. We can only assume that Sarah, then Sarai, was in her 90s, too. When three men met Abraham with Sarah in earshot, and One told Abraham that she’d bear a son. From where she was, she quietly laughed. He asked why she laughed, and she said at her age, she’s not having a child. And they said, age does not matter to God.

Which I guess is why we’re to believe that Noah and his sons in their 500s seeded the earth with all of humanity. Age and incest is no matter to God. 🙄

Yesterday was one huge development after another as to how President Trump is willfully destroying America. In recordings that you can listen to with your own ears, he claimed he didn’t want to cause panic so he downplayed the coronavirus. But yet this same guy who claims not to want to cause panic, screamed the loudest about protests that erupted in chaos and violence. He instigated more violence by causing more violence.

How does this add up?

These are the pandering of a mad man. Unknown viral explosion should be downplayed? Black people issues require panic! Average people getting sick, many dying, many recovering but with life-threatening, life-long disease issues … that’s not a problem.

Almost 190,000 dead and how many suffering? No problem! Poor black people want a fair shake? Get the fuck out.

Yesterday Karl Rove went on Fox News to bury the hatchet into Biden’s response to the virus. Someone forgot to tell Rove that Biden isn’t president (yet) and that Trump absolutely hates the douchebag.

And despite every elephantiasis ball drop after another yesterday, Lou Dobbs claimed last night that Trump had the best day of his life.

We live in a nightmare where spin isn’t even spin anymore. It’s outright baldfaced belching of beguiling betrayal.

I’ll post all the tweets below that reinforce my views. Today is the best day ever.

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