This script is being passed around and memorized. I’ve heard it a lot.

The aftermath of Trump’s maskless rallies are going to wreak havoc on Covid numbers. It’s as predictable as the memorized speeches these dudes make in this CNN video.

Yes, the size of the crowds are notable and large. But the decimation of people dying could very well shock some of these covidiots into changing their minds on the pandemic.

Key words: could change.

But probably won’t.

I’ve spoken to many here in North Carolina who insist that USA is NOT number one in Covid deaths and cases. The repeated discussion point that if you add up the European Unions stats, they would outweigh the United State’s stats. I can’t find any site to neither back up that claim nor dispute it.

And despite the president’s knowledge of how deadly it is back on February 7, 2020, he leads the world in idiocy and anti-scientific rhetoric.

The idea that the economy is in shambles and will remain there because we aren’t reopening is another talking point. But the pitch that keeps striking these people out isn’t a fast ball or curve ball. It’s an underhanded lob. What’s going to destroy our economy would be if we reopened and we had to watch the incredible economy capitulate from the loss and the health care of that many people.

But the callous pro-lifers don’t care about those people. They’ll be going to heaven anyway, or some bullshit.

Ugh. I hate this so much.