Hey world, here’s Josie. Josie, meet world! thanks, Jude!

We adopted Josephine Maria back in May of this year. She’s a French Bulldog and easily one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen and the biggest terror at the same time.

We’ve curbed her proclivity to eat her own poop, but she still sneaks a turd every once and again when we’re not paying attention.

We call her Josie Rosie Grossie Nosie, Boss Baby, Shit eater, cuddle bug, nutball, and many more. She’s an entertainer and naturally trainable. Her underbite will wow you.

Talulah didn’t like her at first. But she’s taken a liking to her. Josie forces herself on you. That’s her pickle.

Enjoy! The first shots are from her baby portraits shoot when we first got her at 6 months.

You can that one of the reasons we adopted her was because her one ear down is the exact same as Talulah’s.

The Trump camp keeps calling out Biden for calling him xenophobic and racist. Let’s explore!

I keep hearing that republicans are targeting democrats for their fuckups regarding their response to the President and to the pandemic outbreak.

They keep repeating — as if it will stick at some point if they do — that Biden and other democrats called xenophobic for his swift closing of the borders. We know from heavily documented records of the period that Trump’s closures were only partial and at least 40,000 Chinese travelers were able to enter and spread the virus like wildfire.

In a pandemic, that’s horrible.

On January 27, 2020, Joe Biden published an opinion piece which the word “xenophobic” nor “racist” is included.

A tweet in question came on March 18, when Joe Biden replied to a Trump tweet saying: “Stop the xenophobic fear-mongering. Be honest. Take responsibility. Do your job.”

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