Laura Ingraham promises Republicans won’t listen to “health experts” on pandemic response if they win on Election Day

Laura Ingraham, that bastion of truth and honesty, implored her viewers to tell their children that Tuesday is important, because democrats will take their freedom away to not cover their faces with a piece of cloth while in public if they win the presidential and senate elections.

She said, “The left here and abroad is using the tragedy of this pandemic to turn over political decision-making to unelected health experts who have zero accountability to you. And regardless of how wrong they have been in model after model, they want us to have no choice in the matter whenever they decide to put the brakes on freedom. So if your kids ask you why Tuesday matters, well, tell them. Because our freedom matters. Because without freedom, what are we anyway? Millions of serfs waiting to receive new rules from nameless faceless bureaucrats?”

Health experts are the enemy of the people. Health experts want to take your freedom away.

Think about anytime you’ve sat in your car with a loved one or a friend. I bet there’s that one person, or maybe two to four, who ALWAYS refuse to put their seatbelt on until everyone in the car is screaming because the little reminder keeps screaming its silly little tune.

I bet you a dollar that that is the person in your life who thinks masks are stupid and superfluous and that this pandemic is a damn catastrophic hoax that the whole world has fallen for … because … Rush Limbaugh told them.

This is the person in your life that takes risks no matter what. The experts who recommend safety precautions for all things, from bike helmets to condoms, to alcohol and smoking.

“It’s my body, my choice.”

And there’s that glistening moment when you’re driving and you flash that delightful thought, “Good god, won’t you let this person finally learn their lesson.”

But you snap back, and think, “I love this person.”

So you simply say, “Man, can you put your seatbelt on?”

I run for up to two hours at a time wearing a mask. It bothers me only when it gets sweaty. Doctors live in masks. Why, because they know they are proven to help protect themselves AND their patients.

A mask is so simple and such an easy way to say, “I love you more than I love myself.”

But, god, who would want that love language reciprocated from a loved one?

Who knows?

Laura Ingraham might be right. The freedom to not cover your face might be taken away once the democrats take the White House. And my freedom to hate the president is going to get taken away, too.

It’s give and take, y’all. Give and take.

Iv Ot Ed! You should, too

I voted by mail. My ballot was counted. I have digital notification. Tina voted, too.

The power of voting by mail is immense, because you can review the items that are on the ballot that many people don’t take the time to review. Technically, you don’t have to even put marks next to the names of – say – judges you don’t know. But it’s good to take time to see if they deserve your vote.

We had friends over for dinner Sunday night. The husband is in his 30s and has never voted before. He is registered to vote this year and will be casting his vote in this election. His wife is an immigrant and I assumed that their marriage would automatically make her a citizen. But I was wrong.


This is the election of the century. There has been no president to do less for people of color, for Americans as a whole, for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This president has complained that he’s treated unfairly by the press while acting the fool in his in-person appearances, by acting like a child on his twitter account, and by association with his surrogates.

There is no media necessary other than social media to prove his incompetence.

His base is composed of a wide variety of good Americans who clearly follow a form of humanity that we’ve never seen before. We are two countries. And the two countries couldn’t be more divided.

It’s time to unite. It’s time to stop divisive language. It’s time to heal, mend and stop allowing an egomaniac dictate bombast and narcism over togetherness.

It’s time for black lives to matter. It’s time for a slew of white people to swallow a pill of realism.

It’s time for a shock jock reality show star who claims he’s not political yet his own cabinet claim he’s a brilliant political mastermind to be shown to the gutter and locked in a cage on the border.

If he’s not the swamp, I’m not sure what is.

Could you imagine how gross that man is between showers?

Biden/Harris 2020.

Sanity 2021-forever.

Pharmacies Report Record Demand For Flu Shots

I saw this report that Flu Shots are on the rise. With a little unscientific reporting, I can verify this as true.

Two weeks ago, a heavy piece of equipment slammed on one of my fingers. The day it happened, it smarted like crazy, but showed very little sign of issue. Over the next 24 hours, though, it blew up to a black and blue nub, but no skin was broken. So I set aside any worry that it was infected.

But apparently that wasn’t the case. It ended up being very infected. I ended up going to a CVS Minute Clinic, and the practitioner there drew a line around the infection and she said, “If it moves outside of this line, you must go to the ER immediately.”

The Minute Clinic is strategically located inside our local Target, right next to the pharmacy. While I waited to see the nurse, I watched the pharmacist inject at least five different people with the flu vaccine. While I saw the nurse, I asked for a flu vaccine. And then when I was waiting for my antibiotic to be filled, I saw another four people get their flu shot.

I have NEVER seen so many people line up to get pricked, but with the impending surge of this winter, anything we can all do to avoid getting sick is a priority.

I know people who are still in denial that this pandemic is a threat. We shared news of infection to a friend yesterday. We told her that there’s a surge and to be careful. And her diplomatic response was, “That’s what they say! We’ll be careful.”

Meanwhile I’ve had close friends who are getting hit pretty hard by this pandemic. It’s almost as if there are a whole huge population that is holding up their collective middle fingers until they finally hear of someone close to them who gets it and dies.

Until the Bible and Rust belts really see and experience that pain, I fear that America as a whole isn’t going to get any respite from the pandemic.

Hey, but whatever. Life is important. The deity of choice is in control and we’re all his or her children.

If democrats suddenly disappeared, where would Lou Dobbs direct all his anger?

“Those are, quite simply, the enemies of the people. They are threatening the American people, they’re threatening our government and our way of life. And these are the very same people who are complicit in what has been a four-year effort to stop the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump and then conspiring and taking every effort possible to overthrow the president of the United States.”

– Lou Dobbs, last night.

But wait, There’s more. Sean Hannity has to get his viewership riled up, too!

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Democrats, their allies, the media mob are doing everything they can possibly do to demoralize voters, especially the supporters of the president. And despite major progress in our fight against COVID-19, including advancements that are huge in therapeutics, multiple final human stage trials for a vaccine, courtesy of President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, a rebounding economy — we’re expecting massive third-quarter GDP numbers this week on Thursday. Despite all of the good news, there is now a constant coronavirus hysteria 24/7 on every other news network.

They want you to believe there’s no hope under President Trump. In fact, according to the Media Research Center, 92 percent of all network news coverage of the president has been negative. That’s 92 percent. And right on cue, Joe Biden predicting the dark winter unless you elect him. Apparently nobody’s told him about the therapeutics and the vaccines that we’re very close to getting.

Never fear, though. President Trump is listing “Ending the Covid Pandemic” as one of his accomplishments.

The people that stand behind the president at rallies are hand picked to flash White Power signs

Make no mistake. The people that stand behind the president at his rallies are handpicked by the administration. The guy flashing the white power hand symbol is wearing a Proud Boys hat.

They aren’t removing him like they removed that kid who made funny faces. So they wanted him there to send signals to the base of racist fuckups.

Chris Christie sang and beautiful rendition to: “If I only had a brain.”

The Washington Post dropped:

Former New Jersey governor and longtime Trump ally Chris Christie published a striking op-ed in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal in which he laments “the polarization of something as practical as a mask” and admits that his own failure to wear one at a White House event last month could have been fatal.

“I am lucky to be alive. It could easily have been otherwise,” Christie writes in the piece, castigating himself for a “serious failure.”

The piece does not explicitly mention President Trump, who has repeatedly expressed doubts about the effectiveness of masks and mocked others for wearing them, remaining resistant even after his own battle with the coronavirus. But it does appear to rebuke his approach.

The op-ed is behind a paywall.

Scientific American: Eight Persistent COVID-19 Myths and Why People Believe Them

“Don’t let it rule your life,” they say. “It’s not that bad, not as bad as the flu,” they say.

What does the science say? It’s constantly dispelling the myths, but the myths seem to have better traction than the science.

Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

[crickets. tumbleweeds. eye rolls.]

It’s not just anti-science human beings that are perpetuating false information, it’s anti math and antipathetic and anti-empathetic humans.

Read more from this helpful article.

A snip:


Since the beginning of the pandemic, Trump has lied about the disease’s severity, saying it is no more dangerous than seasonal influenzaTrump himself admitted to journalist and author Bob Woodward in recorded interviews in early February and late March that he knew COVID-19 was more deadly than the flu and that he wanted to play down its severity.

Why It’s False: The precise infection fatality rate of COVID-19 is hard to measure, but epidemiologists suspect that it is far higher than that of the flu—somewhere between 0.5 and 1 percent, compared with 0.1 percent for influenza. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the latter causes roughly 12,000 to 61,000 deaths per year in the U.S. In contrast, COVID-19 had caused 200,000 deaths in the country as of mid-September. Many people also have partial immunity to the flu because of vaccination or prior infection, whereas most of the world has not yet encountered COVID-19. So no, coronavirus is not “just the flu.”

Why People Believe It: Their leaders keep saying it. In addition to his repeated false claims that COVID-19 is no worse than the flu, Trump has also said—falsely—that the numbers of deaths from COVID-19 are exaggerated. In fact, reported deaths from COVID-19 are likely an undercount.

Read more from this special report:Confronting Misinformation