This is “late-term abortion.”

I’m posting this entire essay from a woman on Facebook named Haylie Grammer who shared her story about her “abortion.” In light of the current bullshit scandal of republican hypocrisy shoving Amy Coney Barrett through to the Supreme Court, I think more stories like this need to be heard. It’s what many of my so-called conservative friends need to read, because of their lousy gullibility toward hearing and perpetuating abominable conspiracies that late-term abortions exist, what they are exactly, and that democrats somehow “love” them.

Democrats do NOT advocate for late-term abortions. The right to a woman’s body is her right. Not the old white dudes with an agenda derived from an old dusty book that said nothing about abortion, but everything about killing babies.

Below is the whole piece. I would recommend reading the links, too.

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