Phil Vischer: why do White Christians vote R and Black Christians vote D?

When I first moved to Chicago, I applied to work at Big Idea, the production company that created Veggie Tales, a Christian animated series featuring a pickle and a tomato as the main characters. Their production company was in the Chicago suburbs.

My college mentor loved Veggie Tales as entertainment for raising his three children. When I was in college, I lived with him and his family during one summer internship. Applying to work at Big Idea was one of the last vestiges of me trying to appear Christian.

I entered a series of interviews by phone and email, but eventually did not get any work out of them.

To this day, I can only cite my brother’s music and Veggie Tales as the strongest creative work coming from anyone who calls themselves a believer.

A fellow graduate of my evangelical high school posted the above video of Phil Vischer – the co-creator of Veggie Tales – explaining why white Christians vote Republican and why Black Christians vote Democrat. My friend also also cited that she wished she would have learned this info in her government classes. But I distinctly remember learning a lot about this information in my classes, which led me to a path to social liberalism, because it makes more sense to me that Christianity would lean progressive seeing that Jesus Christ himself was pulling the entirety of religious worship into a progressive leap.

Who would want to go back to the olden days of scienceless bullshit when we can move forward with progressive tactics of improving the world. I bet good money, had Jesus been god and he had any foresight, he would have been an American Liberal. But he had no idea how to address topics that were completely absent of future knowledge, because he was a subject of his culture and could only help push some Jews to a new level of thought ending in Catholicism and finally protestantism and then whatever the Americans did to trash the whole scene.

He was a movement starter. A controversial one. The death and destruction that resulted from the cultural shifts into Christianity can be compared to all cultural shifts. Look at BLM. Look at women’s suffrage. Look at any peace loving attempts by good people to bring us out of the stone ages. That’s why conservatives hate BLM. They want good old days when segregation kept the people of color out of their purview.

Imagine driving your car with only the help of your rearview camera. That’s what it is to be a “conservative.”

Take a look at this video and hopefully it’ll help give you perspective that maybe you missed in your high school or college experience.

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