If democrats suddenly disappeared, where would Lou Dobbs direct all his anger?

“Those are, quite simply, the enemies of the people. They are threatening the American people, they’re threatening our government and our way of life. And these are the very same people who are complicit in what has been a four-year effort to stop the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump and then conspiring and taking every effort possible to overthrow the president of the United States.”

– Lou Dobbs, last night.

But wait, There’s more. Sean Hannity has to get his viewership riled up, too!

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Democrats, their allies, the media mob are doing everything they can possibly do to demoralize voters, especially the supporters of the president. And despite major progress in our fight against COVID-19, including advancements that are huge in therapeutics, multiple final human stage trials for a vaccine, courtesy of President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, a rebounding economy — we’re expecting massive third-quarter GDP numbers this week on Thursday. Despite all of the good news, there is now a constant coronavirus hysteria 24/7 on every other news network.

They want you to believe there’s no hope under President Trump. In fact, according to the Media Research Center, 92 percent of all network news coverage of the president has been negative. That’s 92 percent. And right on cue, Joe Biden predicting the dark winter unless you elect him. Apparently nobody’s told him about the therapeutics and the vaccines that we’re very close to getting.

Never fear, though. President Trump is listing “Ending the Covid Pandemic” as one of his accomplishments.

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