Iv Ot Ed! You should, too

I voted by mail. My ballot was counted. I have digital notification. Tina voted, too.

The power of voting by mail is immense, because you can review the items that are on the ballot that many people don’t take the time to review. Technically, you don’t have to even put marks next to the names of – say – judges you don’t know. But it’s good to take time to see if they deserve your vote.

We had friends over for dinner Sunday night. The husband is in his 30s and has never voted before. He is registered to vote this year and will be casting his vote in this election. His wife is an immigrant and I assumed that their marriage would automatically make her a citizen. But I was wrong.


This is the election of the century. There has been no president to do less for people of color, for Americans as a whole, for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This president has complained that he’s treated unfairly by the press while acting the fool in his in-person appearances, by acting like a child on his twitter account, and by association with his surrogates.

There is no media necessary other than social media to prove his incompetence.

His base is composed of a wide variety of good Americans who clearly follow a form of humanity that we’ve never seen before. We are two countries. And the two countries couldn’t be more divided.

It’s time to unite. It’s time to stop divisive language. It’s time to heal, mend and stop allowing an egomaniac dictate bombast and narcism over togetherness.

It’s time for black lives to matter. It’s time for a slew of white people to swallow a pill of realism.

It’s time for a shock jock reality show star who claims he’s not political yet his own cabinet claim he’s a brilliant political mastermind to be shown to the gutter and locked in a cage on the border.

If he’s not the swamp, I’m not sure what is.

Could you imagine how gross that man is between showers?

Biden/Harris 2020.

Sanity 2021-forever.