Laura Ingraham promises Republicans won’t listen to “health experts” on pandemic response if they win on Election Day

Laura Ingraham, that bastion of truth and honesty, implored her viewers to tell their children that Tuesday is important, because democrats will take their freedom away to not cover their faces with a piece of cloth while in public if they win the presidential and senate elections.

She said, “The left here and abroad is using the tragedy of this pandemic to turn over political decision-making to unelected health experts who have zero accountability to you. And regardless of how wrong they have been in model after model, they want us to have no choice in the matter whenever they decide to put the brakes on freedom. So if your kids ask you why Tuesday matters, well, tell them. Because our freedom matters. Because without freedom, what are we anyway? Millions of serfs waiting to receive new rules from nameless faceless bureaucrats?”

Health experts are the enemy of the people. Health experts want to take your freedom away.

Think about anytime you’ve sat in your car with a loved one or a friend. I bet there’s that one person, or maybe two to four, who ALWAYS refuse to put their seatbelt on until everyone in the car is screaming because the little reminder keeps screaming its silly little tune.

I bet you a dollar that that is the person in your life who thinks masks are stupid and superfluous and that this pandemic is a damn catastrophic hoax that the whole world has fallen for … because … Rush Limbaugh told them.

This is the person in your life that takes risks no matter what. The experts who recommend safety precautions for all things, from bike helmets to condoms, to alcohol and smoking.

“It’s my body, my choice.”

And there’s that glistening moment when you’re driving and you flash that delightful thought, “Good god, won’t you let this person finally learn their lesson.”

But you snap back, and think, “I love this person.”

So you simply say, “Man, can you put your seatbelt on?”

I run for up to two hours at a time wearing a mask. It bothers me only when it gets sweaty. Doctors live in masks. Why, because they know they are proven to help protect themselves AND their patients.

A mask is so simple and such an easy way to say, “I love you more than I love myself.”

But, god, who would want that love language reciprocated from a loved one?

Who knows?

Laura Ingraham might be right. The freedom to not cover your face might be taken away once the democrats take the White House. And my freedom to hate the president is going to get taken away, too.

It’s give and take, y’all. Give and take.