“Everyone wants to be the hero of their own story”

I just heard a guy on the radio talking about political differences. This isn’t a direct quote, but what I derived from it:

We are living, breathing, concerned, confident, sad, angry, happy, joyful, faithful and everything in between. Everyone wants to be the hero of their own story.

His point was that when you’re discussing/arguing politics with someone with opposing views, it’s important to remember that the other person’s goal is to be the protagonist of his or her story. If you try to take that away, that stirs a sense of fight.

I couldn’t be more politically different from my parents and several of my friends. And while I genuinely loathe it, I also revel in it. It’s that cognitive dissonance that I must embrace.

Just like they must somehow embrace my views. I embrace theirs. There is room for all in this country. And when the rhetoric gets lazy, people say shit like, “Democrats are stupid, mentally deranged idiots.” Or Republicans are a stupid basket of deplorables.”

The language should never go there. But it has gone there in a clichéd way for at least the last four years. Maybe longer.

Another troubling rut we get into in discussions is equating all people with all accusations against the party. Republicans LOVE to paint Democrats as Communists. Democrats love to lump Republicans into the White Supremacy crowd.

I don’t know any communist democrats. I know socialistic democrats AND republicans.

I don’t know any White Supremacist republicans. But I know there are very few non-racist republicans AND democrats.

If republicans and democrats are partly racist and socialists, how do we sit at the same table at Thanksgiving?

Do you see my fucking point? We share views. It’s simple. We trifle over talking points that are repeated into dead horse beating territory and yet, we never stop to think about each others positions realistically.

My evangelical family enjoys the socialistic benefits of disability, of social security, of government subsidy. But when asked, Obamacare is a pejorative. It’s excruciating to me to think that my own socialist family would not want my wife and I to enjoy social benefits. And yet we all share so many social infrastructures because our government takes care of us.

Socialism is woven into the framework of our government whether we like it or not. Socialism is easily misconstrued to be Communism. And racism? Who the hell among us is NOT racist. So we’re all racist socialists. Admit it!

I don’t know one democrat who LOVES abortion. If anything it should be eradicated and we should all be open to doing that. It can be done.

But the republican signs read that democrats are murderers! How quaint.

There is a reverse argument that all republicans aren’t pro-life, because the overwhelming response by republicans to the pandemic has been callous and apathetic. Or that republicans oppose helping the poor or minorities via government help. So the so-called democratic accusation is that republicans are murders.

If we’re all murderers, don’t we have that in common?

Let’s see: what else do we have in common:
• Hunger
• Sex
• disease
• health
• love
• love of self
• love of others
• Everybody poops
• Everybody pees.
• Everyone has vices

Gee, we have lots in common, then, don’t we?

Why are we fighting against each other and not WITH each other?

That’s the problem. It can’t be us vs them. It has to be us. US. USA.

United Socialists of America.

I mean, United States.

United Citizens.

United People of America.

Fuck the division.

Embrace our similarities and move into the future hand in hand.

Prop each other up as the hero of OUR stories.