Breitbart vs. errrrrryone else

Here’s what Breitbart is reporting on election results as of November 6, 2020 followed by what the Associated Press is reporting:

These batshits are so paranoid that the so-called “mainstream media” is so far gone that they aren’t giving you the full picture. So they are reporting two-day old news to keep their sheep baahhhhhh-ing in the pastures.

And man, are they crying their hearts out. Democrats are stealing the election!

I shit you not. One comment said, “Biden is doing great in the 125-200 year old demographic.”

As a nation, we are absolutely fucked when there are a smattering of people who look to places like Breitbart as beacons of alternative facts. That somehow finding a resource bursting with conspiracy and confirmation bias gets the United States to a more united front.

Its goal is to misinform. Its goal is to keep the gullible reveling in a mud bath.

Cast doubt. Surely we have to be on the team that won. We all love Trump. So there can’t be the antithesis to our views out there.

I get conservatism. I get people who don’t believe how I do. Or who don’t think like me. But giving rise and credence to these peripheral ideas is mystifying.

I don’t believe that if I were in the room with any of the readers there we couldn’t have a beer together. But maybe I’m wrong.

Here’s where I wonder how far gone I am? Or maybe I associate with such a huge bubble of idiots that I’ve grown accustomed to my confirmation bias bubble?

We have got to unite again. We have to stop bickering and fighting. We must. For the sake of relationships and what matters. Of American values of family and goodness. Values that we’ve been known for.

how about a Twitter dump

As much of the relevant election news I could find today that is both great, bizarre, and everything in between.