The electricity of joyful celebration

On Friday night, we invited our neighbors and friends over to our yard, setup a white backdrop in the yard and projected movies onto it. We watched Addams Family and the new Borat movie.

Two friends ended up staying over because they didn’t want to drink and drive. One of them is our friend Rose, who is the mother of one of our designer friends and a surrogate mother to the rest of us. The other woman is a designer named Pam. She drove in from a near suburb.

Pam slept downstairs in the studio. There’s a little camper in there, which is just so damn cool. Rose slept in our spare bedroom on the sofa.

The election results as of yesterday morning were Biden leading Trump, but it had not yet been called.

In the morning, we made coffee and went back out in the yard enjoy it and talk. The weather has been absolutely amazing for November. We sat there from about 7:30 to 10 talking politics mainly. We all voted for Biden Harris and our camaraderie shined with hopeful talk as well as concerns over the future of America.

We talked about unity and healing the divide in this country. Clearly it wasn’t the landslide victory we were hoping for, which validates that half of America clearly loves Trump and what he was doing for this country.

Pam gave an amazing and gentle reminder of the amazingness that should the democratic ticket win, we will have the first woman of color in the White House. Because of everything else, that fact was overshadowed. It didn’t play like it did with Sarah Palin where she steamrolled the media with her ineptitude.

It was likely a political gesture. But it was also was always overshadowed by the current president’s endless insanity.

We decided after a long morning of coffee only that we should go find breakfast. The recommendation was a place in Logan Square called Reno. It was a 23 minute walk which we took slow for Mama Rose.

As we walked, the news came that Vice President Biden and Kamala Harris were being announced as the election winners. All our phones were blowing up with people sharing the news, sharing memes, gifs and songs of celebration.

“You’re fired” was a quick joke.

And as we walked along the street, the car honks became greater and louder. We passed a 10 year old girl waving an American flag. We passed a guy running with a flag. A dude had made a sign that read, “Honk for Biden” and he was running up and down the street.

The energy was electric. And as we sat at breakfast, the park at Logan Square filled up with revelers and partiers. It was amazing.

It felt magical, especially because Chicago is largely blue and the sense of camaraderie and glee was palpable.

There was one moment when a car waving two of the smallest Trump flags tried to ruin the celebration, but they couldn’t demolish the spirit. We were together and proud.