There’s an uptick in nurses in Covid-19 wards sharing stories on the social medias. It’s scary.

“Wake. Up. Dems.”

A Facebook friend posted this Bill Maher clip recently to her wall and wrote:

I certainly don’t agree with everything here, but so much of what Bill says is echoed by millions of Americans. Wake. Up. Dems.(Not to be confused with, “stay woke.”)

I watched the clip. I’ll post it below. There’s certainly part of me that agrees with the post and what Maher is trying to say. Yeah, Dems didn’t get the blue wave they were hoping for. And the support for Trump is should scare the shit out of them.

The thing about Bill Maher is he doesn’t appeal to democrats. He’s like the Ann Coulter of democrats only democrats don’t like him either.

His appeal, for about a couple years if not longer, is to people like the one who posted this; republicans who want to feel like they’re owning their democrat friends by posting something from a democrat in a weird costume.

If you don’t believe me, you can read any number of liberal reviews of Maher’s nutbag thoughts and ruminations that render him more of a grifter megachurch pastor than a legit liberal think tank. Here is a good example.

He doesn’t blow my mind with his whimsy riffs on politics. His approach is hohum and boring.

If anything, this video shows why he’s an idiot. Cancel culture is just as much Republican as it is Liberal.

Political Correctness is, in a relative sense, a good thing. Striving to improve the all around atmosphere of the world by being a kinder, gentler populace is anything but bad.

Trying NOT to be racist or xenophobic is not only a good thing, it’s biblical and good practice for value-led people.

Maher’s modus operandi is targeting the very people who think they don’t like him. The draw to him is that he’s some dirty secret, and the magnetism toward him is that people feel dirty for liking him, because he’s keying them into a mystical level of the “other side.”

The other side who thinks he’s a big piece of shit.

Maher is free to be the dick he always wanted to be. And we have the freedom to keep on ignoring him while republicans think they’re citing a phenomenal libtard for his tired opinions.

Or we just throw him under the bus to save face. I mean, he made a movie about religion being idiotic, so he must be a card carrying liberal.