Andrew Klaven, whoever that is, cries about late night TV comedians

This video from one Andrew Klaven was posted to my Facebook feed and I watched it. The person who posted it is lending credence to the idea that the 2020 election is somehow fraudulent and that the media is bullying everyone in the country to accept it erstwhile heaving heavy criticism on Republicans as complete idiots.

I’m not going to pretend that Klaven doesn’t make a pretty good argument. But the argument is severely flawed.

The clips make fun of Trump and his efforts, and then by proxy, they must be making fun of Republicans. The entirety of the John Oliver bit about calling the interviewed people babies is incomplete. There’s no way to know whether the interviewees are Republican or Democrat. He’s literally making fun of their responses and the creepy interviewer’s way of sowing doubt in his questioning.

And while Seth Meyers is lobbing a few bombs at the Trump Administration for their asinine attempts at positing voter fraud without so much as a shred of evidence, his target is them, not you, you, you or even you.

This is what is wrong with America. If you criticize Christian hypocrisy, the knee-jerk reaction isn’t: “I own up to that person’s failures.” It’s: “that person is hurting my itty bitty fewings, because I’m a Christian.”

The same can be said for Democrats or any other group with hurt feelings, because their team was called a bad name.

Furthermore, you can’t take Seth Meyers or John Oliver seriously. They’re comedians. They don’t claim to be news anchors. They aren’t hiding behind any level of gravity. They rail against ideas they don’t like, because that’s what they do. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

I don’t watch Fox News for the same reason. They hurt my ears with their awful attempt at kowtowing to their base. They flummox my brain with their insanities. I can’t be offended by it. Because their base of old gullibles love that shit. They thrive on the vitriol and the misinformation.

Only Fox News doesn’t label their idiocy as entertainment or put them on a channel marked, “Not News.” They put them on the same channel as the news programs that cut away from Giuliani’s flabbergast presser yesterday and detailed all the ways the legal team was lying to the American people.

Connecting one’s politics to one’s feelings is an unnatural disease. If entertainers hurt your feelings, it’s because it wasn’t meant for your ears. Or if it were, you should maybe give it some thought.

I gave this Andrew Klaven some thought. I listened to what he had to say. He made me feel uncomfortable at times, but I thought his arguments were flimsy at best. But he’s giving his voice a go. And good on him for trying.

I work as a videographer, a video editor and a photographer. My job is to create, well, propaganda. Commercial level marketing is dressed up as a way to wow and perhaps convince a certain viewership that they should buy, invest, consider that my clients or myself are worthy of their attention. If I want to create a convincing message, I can. I manipulate sound bites. I put pictures next to words that are meant to entice. I make skin on a person appear smoother. I remove blemishes. All to communicate something better than what is truth.

But it’s not the truth. The truth is rarely what we see or hear.

Just like what I do on a daily basis, this Andrew Klaven is lying to you to satiate his need to create an argument bubble.

I would love to figure out a way to heal the divide in this country. And even on this blog, I point out hypocrisies and it somehow connects me to part of the problem. Because if I criticize one, I criticize all.

I believe, with some certainty, a lot of the problem with the American divide is lack of self introspection, a formidable tendency to accept a one-way experience as truth, an inability to process criticism without suffering from insecurities, a whataboutism mentality and arguing without respect.

The next time you get a bug in your bonnet to share an attack on the “other” side, give it some deeper thought. Do you like it when you are the target of another’s ire? Or ill will?

God, it feels so good to be right. And I bet you are. Based on the argument you’re presenting, you’re more right than you’ll ever know. We all want to win the gold. We all want to be on the winning team. Our argument is the best. Why else wouldn’t the “other side” consider it? By the way, please like my argument friends. It invigorates the needy part of my brain that loves praise.

But when you’re on the winning team, the other team lost. And in sports, there’s that moment when each team goes and congratulates the other on a job well done. But we don’t do that in life. Despite the fact that there’s a constant sports-level play of politics and religion.

And in the other team’s bubble, they have won. Their echo chamber validated their feelings. And they think your argument isn’t convincing enough.

But you know what we don’t have to convince each other of? A hearty meal and a glass of the beverage of your choice is one of the best ways to love one another. To heal division. I know there’s that monster in the room who might drop a political bomb comment, but serve them another scoop of mashed potatoes with bacon in it, and agree to another glass of Chardonnay. Pleasing the tastebuds and the olfactory nerves in a group setting with those we disagree with, that is the bees knees.

Marketing doesn’t sell unless it strikes the right nerves. And if you fall for any voice as truth, you’re fooling yourself that somehow you’re superior to propaganda.

Goddamn this pandemic and the recommendations to not gather for Thanksgiving. I believe strongly that the healing we need is a gathering around a table, an American table, of forgiveness, acceptance, belief and hope. So if you gather, gather safely and in small numbers.

Perhaps a phone call is in order. A direct line to your “adversary.” FaceTime that loved one whom you disagree with. Agree to pour a can or bottle of your favorite beverage, kombucha, beer, wine, water, whatever, and talk. Talk from a position of love and admiration for that person, that needy person who wants to be adored and right just as much as you do.

Fake news is fake news when we don’t like what we hear. And the real news is the stuff that tittles our bits and makes us feel good … for what? A few short seconds? And then you’re off to nibble a piece of chocolate, or in search of another meme, or need another news bite, or any number of brain-pleasing trickery.

Let’s all slap fives. Congratulate the others on their wins and be sportsmanlike in loss.

We lick our wounds in loss and we celebrate victories. But we’ve lost our ability to be human and decent. And I miss that about wins and losses. I hope you might consider it, too.

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