Covid is wreaking havoc! Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving. 😳

Holy shit. The numbers of hospitalizations and deaths from Covid19 is skyrocketing.

The conversations I’ve had with conservative friends keep echoing in my head: Only the sick and old are dying. People who were already going to die anyway. The young and vibrant will mend.

Well, ain’t that some callous bullshit.

Where is the compassion? Where is the empathy? Where is Christ’s love?

Tina tested positive for Covid and I believe I had it, but never tested positive because at the time I showed symptoms, my doctor didn’t recommend a tests because they weren’t as prevalent.

I haven’t been the same since. Neither has Tina. We’re foggy a lot. Tired a lot. My running game has gone down the toilet. I have diarrhea at least three times a week.

So, no guys. It’s not just a flu. It’s something that is NOT going away completely. It’s affecting our makeup in ways that we may never get back.

I swear. When Tina did test positive, the level of callousness was stupefying. And if you’ve read anything about Rachel Maddow’s partner testing positive and suffering greatly, you would also know how certain people are responding. “Did she wear a mask? See, they don’t work.” Or, “See she got better, so no harm no foul.”

Meanwhile, Rachel and Susan were scared as fuck. They thought she was going to die. And that’s not cool. What if your life partner was knocking on Death’s door? If you don’t care, check your pulse. Maybe you’re already dead.