The friendliness of hate

If you’re like me, you’ve been seeing some rich posts on the social medias. Politics are divisive in a way right now that I don’t remember. And maybe it’s early onset Alzheimer’s. Or maybe it’s my version of conservative glory days, but I don’t remember things ever being this bad.

I screen capped a thread to share. You can read the thread yourselves.

There’s a couple things that need remarks.

  1. The number of people who are convinced by Trump’s arguments that the election was rigged is stupefying. This very consideration bothers me. But it’s somehow not the worst thing about this thread. To believe in one man’s lies so much that you’d be swayed by his words is amazing. With the growing chorus of Republican forfeiture of the presidential election, the single source of dissent is from the White House and a few lawyers. The rumor mill takes it from there. Convinced. Gullible. Noteworthy of nothing but a failure to accept the truth.
  2. The number of “I’m not going to vote any more” responses is like a stereotypical Italian chef kissing his finger tips and exclaiming, “Perfetto!” Good gosh. Don’t vote. Your votes only got the most nightmarish president of all time elected four years ago. He beat the supposed front runner in the electoral college. By all means, fucking stay home and masturbate to your photos of Mr. Trump.
  3. Those who admit that they ONLY watch Newsmax is terrifying. If people are jumping ship to land in the “safety boats” called Newsmax, because that is a network that finally speaks to one’s political proclivities … when Fox News has become too liberal … holy shit. How does one talk to someone who ONLY watches ONE network. I spent five minutes watching it yesterday listening to a man berate the idea that Gov Cuomo would receive an Emmy for his televised approach to leading his state through the pandemic. Like it or hate it, this guy’s professional persona was about as strong as a preschooler giving a report on why Sesame Street is his favorite show. I’m not saying, “Don’t watch Newsmax.” I’m saying, “Be cautious to have ONE source as your news options.”
  4. And finally the use of Hate in this thread, and many others I’ve read on Facebook, Twitter and in the comments at Breitbart. These people are saying, declaring and shouting, “I hate democrats.” “I hate people who voted for Biden.” This is dangerous. In a diverse nation, hate for another person does not belong here. I hate a person’s opinion. That’s a stretch, but doable. But to literally hate people. That’s a powder keg of a statement. The United States is a melting pot of diverse ideas. Without it, we’re just a bunch of sheep. The sheep argument is so easy to drop. Like calling your adversaries Nazis. Or Communists.

I spoke on the phone over the weekend to my brother and a good friend of mine in DC. I also had a long talk in our yard with a guy about my age during a playdate for our dogs.

My brother and I talked long about the election and he said that he’s been on the search for a conservative news source that isn’t so damn biased and is somehow fair. You know, searching for the unicorn. My buddy in DC said the same thing about his attempt to understand the current political climate.

My brother shared a link from the Dispatch (<– link), which I found to be well written and considerate. It was followed by a comments section that wasn’t laden with mindless “You’re not a real conservative/Christian/etc.” arguments.

What a relief.

This site rates the Dispatch as being reputable in its fact checking. So maybe it’s a good resource to add to my daily diet of information gathering.

As opposed to a place like Breitbart where the conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the comments are infiltrated by teams of Trump propagandists. If you’ve read much about the election fraud, there’s that idea being circulated that Trump is using fraud as a fear tactic to raise money. Within the comments on threads about voter fraud, there are many that say, “I don’t care if I’m broke, I’m contributing $100 now to Trump’s legal fund.” These comments are spread throughout and it’s remarkable how many there are coming from seemingly broke individuals. Recent divorcees. All that kind of thing.

My buddy in DC said that he found a podcast called “Left, Right, Center” after his own pursuit of a news source that wasn’t fucking annoyingly left or right. He claims the show is moderated by a right of center Republican who doesn’t support Trump (which by some arguments makes him a fake Republican). And then there are are two representatives from a more right leaning Republican and a more left leaning. You know, the Hannity and Colmes show for the Podcast generation.

My argument right now is not without holes. But it’s a dire plea to decency. To explore the arguments of our neighbors and friends. To be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that this election proves that people LOVE president Trump. It was NOT a referendum on his dictatorial approach, but rather a validation of it.

This guy whose dog was playing with my dog on Saturday was telling me that his dad is a conspiracy theorist who does not accept that Covid19 is much more than a flu. It’s not that bad and there are other reasons why people are getting sick and dying. His mother, that man’s wife, is a nurse who is caring for Covid19 patients in ICU conditions. So she has first person proof and stories of awful suffering from patients of all ages, not just the old, on-their-way-out, compromised health situations. She’s seeing and hearing these poor people with her own senses … and her husband is at home waiting for her when she gets home and doesn’t believe a word she says.

That’s like if a person who believes in Jesus was spending time with him everyday for 12 hours every day and the person’s spouse was like, “I don’t believe you.” And I’m not talking about someone in prayer for 12 hours a day. I talking legit hanging out with the dude. Where she could come home with pictures and stories. But the spouse is so stubbornly and willfully ignorant that no amount of convincing is possible.

This is what we are experiencing. Proof positive of something objectively horrific. And people are so incredibly oppositional, hateful, and gullible that they can’t accept verifiable proof.

How does someone like me, with emotions and empathy, remain friends with those who are so callous to love and honoring humanity? Compassion is my only answer. Approach all with compassion.

I’ll end with this: my DC buddy was telling me about when he was 19 and he knew zilch about politics. One of his best friends, another Christian, explained it to him quite succinctly. “Republicans are the party that make decisions based on conservative values and logic. Democrats make decisions based on emotion and liberal values.”

See that? Republicans are “logical.” The insinuation is that Democrats are not.

Emotionalism is bad.

From my earliest memories, I was taught that. Emotions/crying/expression of vulnerability or of feelings, those are wimpy, unmanly, not proper behaviors.

But you know, expression of vulnerability has made my relationships stronger and deeper. Just because you think men don’t cry, doesn’t make you wrong. It just means you’re a callous superstar who can’t find common ground with humanity.


I hate that I have had to write this post. But I don’t hate you, you, or even you. I’m glad you have your views, as crazy as they seem. I hope you find validation in your circles. Be it flat earth, 5G causing Covid, or vaccines are bad, and Bill Gates is a money grubbing asshole who wants to control your mind with a shot in the arm. If God is your copilot and Joseph from the Bible is your best friend, go get em.

That’s not who I am. But I certainly would love to have you over. I’ve got a new recipe for Curried Sweet Potato soup that I’d like to cook for you. See you around 7 p.m.?