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GA Sec of State: “Trump threw me under the bus” … and he’s surprised by that?

From his op-ed in USA Today, Brad Raffensperger writes:

By all accounts, Georgia had a wildly successful and smooth election. We finally defeated voting lines and put behind us Fulton County’s now notorious reputation for disastrous elections. This should be something for Georgians to celebrate, whether their favored presidential candidate won or lost. For those wondering, mine lost — my family voted for him, donated to him and are now being thrown under the bus by him.”

The man in the White House has shown us all, with great dexterity and honesty, that he is a man absent of integrity. It’s the only thing Trump is honest about. He never lied about being honest.

Trump’s deficit of values and morality is nothing less than a black hole. Its energy and gravitational pull is so strong that nothing can escape it. The only people who seem to know human is a devastatingly evil blackhole seem to be educated elitists with a penchant for hysterics and desperate for his reign of vacuuming the USA of decency is removed.

Not only does Raffensperger support him, he donated to him and encouraged his family to do the same.

What did he expect? Great hurrahs? Accolades for his attention to doing what is right in the face of doing wrong?

It’s like punching a rhinoceros in the face and expecting it to give him a back rub with his soft paws. Slapping a cobra and hoping it wraps him in a warm blanket and sings him a lullaby. Kicking a skunk and thinking it would want to take a bath together. It’s like cutting your wrists and walking through shark-infested waters hoping for one of them to bandage up the slits oozing red ink.

During one conversation I had with a conservative, he told me that the best possible option for a leader in this country (or any country) would be a benevolent authoritarian or benevolent dictatorship.

“What? Why?”

The explanation included the admission that the concept is an impossibility. But should it exist in a realm of possibility, that would be the best governmental option for all people. I asked if this was because of his Christianity. You know, his belief that God is reflective somehow of a benevolent all in control being.

He replied, no, it wasn’t that.

I wondered if it was something he heard on Rush Limbaugh. But didn’t ask.

This was in light of a conversation about Donald Trump. So I’m guessing that this man had given it much thought in light of Trumps domineering style of “law and order.” That perhaps if Trump could learn a level of benevolence, it would alter the perception of him as being a dick into being a morally good man rather than one bankrupt of all decent values.

According to wikipedia, linked above, one explanation of Benevolent Dictatorship was this line: “Mancur Olson characterized benevolent dictators as “not like the wolf that preys on the elk, but more like the rancher who makes sure his cattle are protected and are given water.”

This confuses me even more. The way I read that statement is that the rancher treats all his cattle equally. He supplies them with everything that they need. Healthcare. Food. Shelter. Warmth. And in return, they sacrifice themselves for others to the benefit of the rancher, those that they sacrifice themselves to, and ultimately for the herd, because they benefit from the revenue of purchased meat.

You know, socialism bordering on communism. Or being Jesus like. Or something.

What does Benevolent Dictatorships have to do with President Trump throwing Brad Raffensperger? I’m not sure.

I guess I was making the point that Raffensperger brainwashed himself to think Trump possessed a shred of decency. How many Trump supporters were expecting Trump to turn some corner and become benevolent or even empathetic to the American values we think we stand for?

What part of failing to do that for his four years in office did they miss? Shit, what part of his dickish public persona that stretches back how long did they miss?

During the debates, Trump brandished his, “Joe is a career politician! 40 plus years of fucking it up and being part of the problem!”

But Biden failed to point out that Trump has been on the seen since 1971. His public persona and outbursts of trying to control narratives stretches back almost 50 years. His rise to presidential power showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the guy was/is racist, that he failed in business more than we can count on my toes and fingers. That he surrounds himself with obsequious ego boosters. That his bubbled-up narcissism makes the Thanksgiving day parade balloons look like ants.

If a man who quipped that he could grab women whom he first met by the pussy because of his celebrity status stands in front of a church with a raised bible and all one sees is the Bible thumper, then Raffensperger and every one of the men and women who see Bibles and not pussies, deserve the bus that is bobbing a bloody mess over the concrete below them.

I get it. People think liberals are evil.

But I don’t hang out with guys who brag about their sexual exploits. I don’t navigate the waters of sexual hedonism. I value marriage over infidelity, monogamy and hard work over frivolous affairs or expecting forgiveness for sins I have yet to commit.

By conservative viewpoints, I associate with murderers. And by that token, I’m guilty. I don’t know anyone who’s had an abortion, but I wouldn’t condemn them if I met one. Just like I wouldn’t condemn anyone who has been, well, human.

I also don’t believe that the murderer who confesses for forgiveness on a cross should enjoy heaven while six million Jews who didn’t accept Jesus as the messiah should be burning in hell.

It’s lack of integrity that I loath. Lack of remorse. A condemnation of all things except for those that pertain to self.

If friends I know who have flagrantly cheated on their spouses weren’t judgy of sexuality and of sexual issues, it’d be much easier to accept their positions of righteousness.

Being surprised that people like Trump throw people of values under the bus is like scratching your head when your wallet and accounts are empty after a night in Vegas. You get what you paid for, bitches. Own it.