Graphs: “COVID has become the third leading cause of death in the U.S.”

I know this won’t persuade many of my friends about the virus, but it’s eye-popping for me. I just looked at the numbers this morning at this site, and it appears that the USA is responsible for nearly half of the world’s new cases.

Yesterday there were 245k new cases in the USA. And there were 496k cases world wide. Deaths were at 8,400 worldwide, and good ol’ USA took out 3,611.

There’s a talking point going around that we lose more people per day to Covid than we lost on 9/11. Daily. That’s nuts.

Over the summer, one friend who is very well read flat out denied that the USA led the world in new cases. There was no amount of data I could show to convince him otherwise.

Then you have the rise of the goddamn white supremacy movement, and they are wearing shirts with 6MWE on them. Six Million Wasn’t Enough? What the fuck world do we live in?

Remember when our president told the Proud Boys to stand back and stand by? Yeah, me too. The party that associates with this madness is which again? 😳

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