If I were a doctor and Lady Liberty was my patient

If I were a doctor making a prognosis on how to heal the wounds of Lady Liberty lying in her hospital bed, my diagnosis for treatment would be the cooking a meal and inviting all her friends who are having trouble agreeing on what is American to the same table.

Perhaps her ailments are psychosomatic. A depression induced disease that is causing pain through her entire body.

A man told me yesterday this country lacked spirituality and it’s why we have so many problems. I assume that by spirituality he means the Christian version of spirituality. To that end, that leaves me out. And also Tina, because her version of spirituality is not Christian.

I’ve heard that argument more often than not. I once agreed and boldly told others the same thing. But not anymore.

That means to heal, I must change. Not him. So we are at an impasse.

He told me this as I gave him another meatball in pasta sauce that I made. If we must find a way to agree, I would argue that the spirituality of a shared dinner is a holy sacrament and a healer of many wounds.

I find spirituality in a shared concert experience. I find spirituality when my dad and I fix something in my house together. I find a spirituality in holding Tina’s hand.

I believe that excellence over religious experience is a better way of life. But if I must be forced to think the Christian version of spirituality, of prayer and worship to God, that means I need to reform my entire view set.

I don’t want Christians to stop being Christian. I am not asking anyone to agree with my view that it’s not the best way for me. It is the best way for so many. I would love a form of acceptance and validation. But that’s not necessary for me any more.

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