Franklin Graham calls on Christians to get vaccine. Chaos ensues.

On Franklin Graham’s Facebook page, he writes:

The internet is full of articles, theories, data, and opinions concerning the COVID-19 vaccines—both positive and negative. There’s a lot out there for you to read. I have been asked my opinion about the vaccine by the media and others. I have even been asked if Jesus were physically walking on earth now, would He be an advocate for vaccines. My answer was that based on the parable of the Good Samaritan in the Bible, I would have to say—yes, I think Jesus Christ would advocate for people using vaccines and medicines to treat suffering and save lives. In this Scripture passage, Jesus told about a man beaten and wounded, lying on the roadside as religious leaders passed by and didn’t help. But a Samaritan, considered a social outcast of the day, becomes the hero of the story when he stops and cares for the injured man—pouring oil and wine, which were the top medicines of the day, on the man’s wounds. We also know that Jesus went from town to town healing “every disease and sickness.” He came to save life—to offer us eternal life. Did Jesus need a vaccine Himself? Of course not. He is God.

So, my own personal opinion is that from what we know, a vaccine can help save lives and prevent suffering. Samaritan’s Purse has operated COVID-19 emergency field hospitals, and we have seen the suffering firsthand. I also have staff and their family members who contracted the virus and spent weeks on a ventilator and months hospitalized as a result—I don’t want anyone to have to go through that. Vaccines have worked for polio, smallpox, measles, the flu and so many other deadly illnesses—why not for this virus? Since there are different vaccines available, my recommendation is that people do their research, talk to their doctor, and pray about it to determine which vaccine, if any, is right for them. My wife and I have both had the vaccine; and at 68 years old, I want to get as many more miles out of these old bones as possible!

Usually when I see these posts, there are friends of mine who turn up liking or loving every one of them. But the comments are as disjointed and angry as any political debate one could imagine; and they’re almost all some form of believers.

One popular comment reads:

When Franklin Graham says Jesus would take a vaccine made with aborted fetal tissue, or one designed to hijack the cell function God himself programmed, ….but Franklin forgot that Jesus literally brought cells and immune systems back from decomposition and never once called on a physician to help him do it.

There are responses from RWNJ site “Newsmax” with fingers pointed at George Soros and there’s this whole debate about the vaccine is gene therapy that has the purpose of changing you into a demonlover or something.

It’s wild supernatural bickering that is a treasure trove of comic scariness.

The challenge when reading this kind of infighting is: where are these people? I know plenty of Christians who aren’t battling the vaccine as a political issue or one steeped in controversy.

I saw this growing up. Science was a sticky point with evangelical teachings. And those seeds planted then are sprung up full on monster trees bearing not fruit, but junk food from its branches.

It’s time to remove politics AND religion from politics.

I say this like anyone gives a shit.

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