the good life vs content consumption bulimia nervosa

Tina and I spent the past weekend in Hayward, Wisconsin photographing a cabin for an interior designer who so happens to be a great friend. The home is owned by the family of another good friend, a jazz singer, and we all had a lovely extra couple days of R&R mixed with intermittent photography sessions.

There’s a main house associated with this cabin and several small garage buildings. It sits on Lac Courtes Oreilles with two boats docked, canoes and other various things to do in the yard. It’s also on a Native American Reservation, which, if I were superstitious, amounted to some really intense dreams and nightmares.

I still can’t pronounce Lac Courtes Oreilles the way the locals do. It’s like La-Court-Oh-rails or la court-oh-rays. The words are French, but they are turned around a bit. But as soon as I saw it written and not spoken, I said: “Oh, it means lake short ears.” I’m pretty sure that technically it would be Lac Oreilles Courtes to be grammatically correct, but it’s French. “Oreilles” is ears in plural. “Courtes” is the word for short. Lac = lake. Aerially, the lake looks kinda like ears, I guess.

The area is quaint and the people are typical midwestern with that thick Fargo-style dialect. The town of Hayward looks like an old Western town, only cars are parked where the horses should be.

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