“Do you miss me yet?”

“Do you miss me yet.”
a bit of prose-y poetry by yours truly.

After the pipeline hack, I called a friend.
“What is going on?” I asked.

First response: “Biden’s destroying America.”
“He is?”
Second: “Trump’s wondering, ‘do you miss me yet?’”

I furrowed my brow and whispered, “No,” under my breath.

I listened while he painted a picture of destruction and chaos.

Later, I hung up the phone.

Do you know what’s destroying America, I thought?
Erosion is. Termites are. Cancer is. Heart disease is playing a role. Obesity. Smoking. Sugar. Not one, but two diabetes. Addictions. Suicide. Homicide.

Death is destroying America.

Do you know what I miss? Long walks in the forest, on a path, in the snow, on a beach, in the gardenwith you.

I miss lunches, dinners, and desserts, with you.

I miss traveling great distance,
to spend time
with you.

Hey, do you know what’s destroying America?

Abortions might be. But opinions on abortion definitely are. Not presidents, but opinions about presidents. Not religion but opinions about religions. Not science, but opinions about science. Opinions about vaccines. About politicians and politics. Saying, “I’m right, and you’re wrong” is destroying America.

Saying, “My opinion is more important than yours” is, too.

Wishing to others, “Validate me! My news told me to tell you that you’re destroying America
…and I am not.”

It’s not just opinions but opinions about opinions that are destroying America.

Since the so-called discovery of America, her people discovered how to destroy America.

Do you know who I miss? I miss my childhood friends. I miss my adult friends. I sometimes miss old girlfriends. I miss long talks on corded telephones.

I miss long, hand-written letters and goofy cards. I miss weddings and parties. I miss Ansel Adams and Vivian Maier. I miss Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Katherine and Audrey Hepburn. I miss Christa McAuliffe, Susan B Anthony, Martin Luther King, Jr., Orville and Wilbur Wright. I miss dead artists. I miss a few musicians.

I miss all the people that made art, not war, not division, not chaos and destruction.

Most of all,
I miss you.

Do you know what’s literally destroying America?
Fires. Earthquakes. Droughts. Floods. Tornadoes. Hurricanes. Violent people with guns. Settlers. Cities. Strip malls. Urban sprawl. Houses. Neighborhoods. Plastic bags. Trash heaps. Homelessness. Wealth. Poverty. Middle classes. Money. Greed. Gambling.

Do you know what I miss?
Civility. Compliments. Kindness. Accolades. Hugs. Kisses. Photos and videos of cute cats. A good prank. A loud laugh. A dog barking.

I miss your hand in mine during a sunset.
During a movie in a dark theater. When times are tough. When the news sucked. When we watched the world go by.

Do you know what’s destroying America? TV. Reality shows. Morning shows. Afternoon shows. Game shows. News shows. Opinion shows. Comedy shows. Social medias. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Parler. Tiktok. Google. Yahoo. Email. URLs.

Do you know who I miss?
No, not one president. Not Reagan. Not Carter. Not Obama. Not Washington, Adams or Roosevelt. Not Trump. Not Kennedy.

Do you know who I miss?

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