This short film about how a guy’s mom went full on QAnon is a fun watch. It shows just how overly addicted a lot of people, especially of a certain age, are descending into a world of video addiction that leads them to bizarre views and conspiracy riddled rants.

A friend of mine was just telling me that she was going to have dinner with another couple, and the guy who’s in his 40s, lost his job at the beginning of Covid and spent his time watching Fox News and then moved into NewsMax and OAN. He’s full on Covidiot and very vocal about it.

Another friend was telling me that her coworker at a prestigious commercial real estate management firm started going into a full-on QAnon rant on the phone and she had to tell her to stop and then had to tell HR to let her know that she can’t talk like that with their clients.

People are losing their goddamn minds, and it’s because YouTube and social medias are dragging them down with them ship.