My god, there are child sex-trafficking tunnels under the White House!

It’s baffling at best to think that not only do these people exist that spew this kind of garbage.

Sex trafficking is THE QAnon talking point that reaches back eons. Demonizing one tribe for a completely untenable and unprovable crime of hurting children is archaic.

The weirdest red flag is lumping Tom Hanks, America’s sweetheart poster child for all things good, into the mix of child traffickers.

Pizza parlors. Underground tunnels. Oprah Fucking Winfrey?

I also saw this yesterday:

The problem is that lumping patriotism next to intelligence will confuse the group that it wasn’t meant for.

Right wing folks don’t see their views as superstition or ignorant.

So on we march and off we go into the name calling and denigrating behaviors.

Thing is, we can all agree on what is civil discourse. We can all agree that sharing time, a meal, a pint, a glass, are all relatively absent of issue.

The fucking problem is internet warfare and saying things in from a pulpit or one-way street. My comments section is wide open. Hose me down with criticism. We are not so different. We all bleed red, eat, breathe, poop, etc.