“Uniformity is a myth.”

I saw this post on my Facebook page from a fellow designer friend who is easily one of the most creative people I’ve ever met.

It reads:

“The struggle for independence and freedom of the individual never ends in the United States. Uniformity is a myth. It is perpetuated by those who would sooner see loyal opposition and the voices of dissent portrayed as traitorous, than accept the aspirations of a country built on individuals with opposing voices, working together, as an example for the rest of the world of what is still possible. E PLURIBUS UNUM. On the Fourth of July we celebrate that struggle for unity WITHOUT uniformity, and the continuing work in this country to maintain and elevate what it is to be a true American by accepting others unlike us to be at the table.The George Washington flag symbolized the 13 colonies united in what then seemed a hopeless struggle for independence. The original flag is still preserved at Valley Forge. It almost became our flag and influenced the stars and stripes and seemed appropriate for the 4th this year.”

The more time you spend on the internets, the more chances you’re going to find people who hate “the other side” so much that they wish them ill,

Last time I checked, we are made up of all sorts of personalities. And no ill will should be wished upon someone with another point of view. Ridiculous.