Changeland was such a great movie, it caused T & me to argue

Last night, Tina and I watched Seth Green’s new movie Changeland. He wrote, directed and starred in it.

After it was finished, Tina and I wanted to talk about it so badly that we ended up arguing over what we wanted to talk about first and it prevented us from doing thing we were dying to do.

Throughout the movie, I was taking mental notes about what I liked and would like to talk about. The end of the movie quit at a cliffhanger moment and it immediately prompted one to think, “What’s going to happen next?” Tina naturally thought that was a great place to start the discussion.

“What do you think happened next?” Tina asked.

My brain was so chockfull of thoughts about the entire movie that I didn’t want to think about the multiple things that might happen next. I wanted to talk about acting choices, music choices, the buildup to the climax, the characters and the sometimes overtly didactic melodramas matched with somehow believably simple yet complex the movie was at the same time.

It was like watching a book.

My response to Tina’s question was, “It’s whatever you want it to be.” What was missing was a beat, and this is what I wanted to talk about. Without the “AND”, it became me shutting Tina down. So she asked it again before I got a chance to formulate my “beat, and”. I really wanted to talk about Seth’s character, his best friend’s character, Macauley Culkin’s character. There were these scenes of beauty matched with pain and agony. The were moments of self-exploration and defeat and self-awareness and discovery.

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