Kyle Mantyla: The QAnon Conspiracy Theory Inevitably Turns On Evangelicals

From Right Wing Watch:

The spread of the QAnon conspiracy theory, which alleges that a secret cabal of satanic cannibalistic pedophiles rules the world and has long used its power and influence to freely murder and traffic children, has reached deep into the white evangelical community in recent years. While such allegations have usually been leveled against Democratic politicians and left-leaning entertainment, media, and business leaders, the conspiracy theory now appears to be circling back around on evangelical leaders themselves.

Earlier this week, Right Wing Watch noted how MAGA pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, who is running a primary campaign to unseat Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma, has openly embraced QAnon conspiracy theorists as part of his campaign, only to become a target of their conspiracy theories. QAnon activists accused the pastor of pedophilia and child sex trafficking in July after he posted a photo of his young daughter wearing red shoes.

Similar allegations are now being leveled against several high-profile evangelical leaders.

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