My parents threw away their hard earned money on my education

I saw this meme over at Facebook, and I was perplexed. The person who posted it is a history buff. And it’s a real head scratcher.

My parents invested heavily into their children’s educations. I graduated high school from a small private k-12 Wesleyan school in the south and college at a Presbyterian school.

All my American history courses went into great detail on this topic. At the time, I was the product of a very conservative home. We practically had a shrine to Ronald Reagan. Bush One wasn’t the best of the best. One memory that rocked my world was my older brother reacting to desert storm frightened that HW would enact the draft.

I remember dumping on President Clinton to friends who leaned left, calling him out for all the things he did against the church and my faith.

I voted for President Bush Two. I loved Jesus and telling others about him.

And I was pretty good at school. I graduated third in my high school class and magna cum laude in college.

There’s no reason for me to mis-remember American history as taught in those conservative institutions. Although, truth be told, there wasn’t one black face in my graduating class from high school or college. So there’s that.

It’s a challenge to discuss race or sexuality when at the time, I knew very few black people and little to no gay people. That didn’t stop me from holding superiority views toward both people of color and homosexuals. But that’s a different post.

Yes, republicans were the party of anti-slavery at the time, but they were primarily composed of northern protestants who were already against slavery. The republican party formed in the mid 1800s as an anti-slavery party, so no, republicans would not have owned slaves as a party who opposed slavery in the first place. So it’s accurate on the face of it, for sure. And the parties may not have “switched” like this nice lady seems to say in her very own bumper sticker history lesson.

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