So little so late: Newsmax CEO praises Biden On Coronavirus Response

The Hill reports:

Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy penned an editorial on the conservative network’s website on Tuesday praising President Biden for how he has handled the coronavirus pandemic and urging Americans to get vaccinated against the virus.

“Six months into his administration, President Joe Biden should be applauded for making a huge dent in the COVID pandemic,” Ruddy wrote. “He inherited an effective vaccine from President Donald Trump, took it into his arms, and ran with it.”

“At Newsmax, we have strongly advocated for the public to be vaccinated. The many medical experts who have appeared on our network have been near unanimous in support of the vaccine,” Ruddy said. “I myself have gotten the Pfizer vaccine.”

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Sounds like someone is either facing extreme backlash from lawsuits or the threat of a rapidly decreasing viewership … or both … or jeez, any number of reasons to actually back the science.

Also of note, I love to see/read that someone who is associated with extreme right-wing news is giving props where props are due. Meanwhile, you have people railing against Biden, because he can’t find his way out of a paper bag or he’s can’t remember his dentures before he leaves his house in the morning. Biden may not be a speaking powerhouse. But he’s not a bad guy doing bad things. He just so happens to be associated with what people have been told to hate, so they hate him.

Scapegoaters gotta scapegoat.

I read nuanced comments on Breitbart explaining the reason for the uptick in vaccine recipients among right wingers is because they don’t blindly follow the leaders like democrats do. Dudes, I hate to burst your bubbles, but as soon as the Trump admin announced the vaccines, I was on board! As everyone should have. And I particularly didn’t like anything about Mr. Trump. I could give two shits about Biden. I don’t wave a Biden flag like these so-called individuals with no allegiance to their leader. I don’t even care that Biden is president, if not for it’s not that last shit head. What I care about is that we share common sense knowledge about simple information and actions that we can do to live in solidarity with our fellow human beings.

There was an a dude on Newsmax just last week talking about how vaccines are against nature and are defying God’s will for weeding out the weak.

I’m at least three years older than this guy

That shit that was going around about how “young” people wouldn’t get covid or be “as affected” was just the worst language that could go around.

This gent is 3 years younger than me. And while he might survive, his story that he thought the vaccine was a hoax, perpetuated by right-wing news and social media … that is the crap we’re dealing with.

About the video:

Lamonte Boyd, a 42-year-old father of three, said he didn’t listen to doctors or even his wife when she got vaccinated and told him he should too.

“I thought the vaccine was a hoax,” Boyd told CBS News. Before he got sick, Boyd initially brushed it off and “thought it was a joke.” He is now urging others who were vaccine hesitant to get it.

“I would tell those who don’t want to take the vaccines, you playing Russian roulette with your life,” he said. Boyd was diagnosed with COVID nearly two weeks ago. He developed pneumonia in both lungs and still struggles to breathe.

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Hilma Af Klint: The life of an artist

This is an interesting watch and this supporting article is an interesting read. I was particularly moved by the introduction it made to me about “Theosophy” or the infusing what one understands of all religions into one.

This bit stood out:

Mondrian was a member of the Dutch Theosophical Society and lived briefly in the quarters of the French Theosophical Society in Paris. He said once that he ”got everything from the Secret Doctrine” of Theosophy, which was an attempt by its founder Helena Petrovna Blavatsky to do nothing less than read, digest and synthesize all religions. It has been known for some time how much of Mondrian’s symbolism – including the ubiquitous vertical and horizontal lines – and how much of his utopianism, was shaped by Theosophical doctrine.

One of the main weaknesses in my head of the gospel message is that no other faith holds any credence. That distinction instills a sense of fear against the possibility of even learning about or considering practicing another form of faith. If you remain in that limited mindset long enough, it’ll stick, and indifference replaces curiosity. Without curiosity, the pursuit of self betterment, education and the practice of art without boundary is stifled if not eliminated.