I’m at least three years older than this guy

That shit that was going around about how “young” people wouldn’t get covid or be “as affected” was just the worst language that could go around.

This gent is 3 years younger than me. And while he might survive, his story that he thought the vaccine was a hoax, perpetuated by right-wing news and social media … that is the crap we’re dealing with.

About the video:

Lamonte Boyd, a 42-year-old father of three, said he didn’t listen to doctors or even his wife when she got vaccinated and told him he should too.

“I thought the vaccine was a hoax,” Boyd told CBS News. Before he got sick, Boyd initially brushed it off and “thought it was a joke.” He is now urging others who were vaccine hesitant to get it.

“I would tell those who don’t want to take the vaccines, you playing Russian roulette with your life,” he said. Boyd was diagnosed with COVID nearly two weeks ago. He developed pneumonia in both lungs and still struggles to breathe.

Check the full article.

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