Mark Levin’s American Marxism

I saw that Mark Levin’s new book, “American Marxism” is topping the NYTimes best seller list, and I surfed over to Amazon to read the available pages. Read for yourselves here.

Wow. What a tirade against something he unclearly defines and then blames that unclarity as everything that is wrong with America.

Spoiler alert: Let me sum up what’s available: fear monger fear monger fear monger fear monger fear monger fear monger [deep inhale] fear monger fear monger fear monger fear monger fear monger fear monger fear monger fear monger fear monger. Did I mention fear mongering?

Mark Levin, like many writers in the Republican camp, are outrage profiteers. They even wear special hats; they are white, cover the entire face except the eyes and come to a point at the top.

I just wrote about the fear mongering of marxism here. In sum, what happens to all these conservatives when they get to heaven and what they view as Marxism is how they are going to have to live … for eternity!

Mark Levin’s misinformed approach to all things conservative is mindblowing. On January 4, 2021, he said, “Now, I want to talk to the Republicans, particularly in the United States Senate but also in the House. Any Republican who doesn’t stand up to this on January 6th — win, lose or draw. It’s the principal, it’s the issue. The American people need to understand you’re serious about defending the Constitution — you are shredding the Constitution along with all those Democrats and the Democrat Party who put the nation in this position.”

Reminder: not one Republican who won their election in 2020 disputed their win, or loss for that matter, as election fraud. Only one loser came forward with election fraud and interference.

Also reminder: Mark Levin once said that he would NEVER vote for Trump. “I’m not voting for Donald Trump. Period. … These bully, dirty tricks, Nixonian tactics, they’re only going to backfire. So, count me as never Trump,”

Levin, at best, is a flip-flopping lover of anything he can say or do to sell a book or get a live audience on the boob tubes.

Levin brands “marxism” as evil, anti-American, anti-constitutional; and yet he’s first in line to impose his views of extremism on American politics. Overturning a fair election process is far more important than accepting defeat.

Or when he fear mongered the idea that Democrats want to “brown” America.

John Boehner wrote this about Levin: “

By 2011, the right-wing propaganda nuts had managed to turn Obama into a toxic brand for conservatives. When I was first elected to Congress, we didn’t have any propaganda organization for conservatives, except maybe a magazine or two like National Review.

The only people who used the internet were some geeks in Palo Alto. There was no Drudge Report. No Breitbart. No kooks on YouTube spreading dangerous nonsense like they did every day about Obama.

“He’s a secret Muslim!” “He hates America!” “He’s a communist!” And of course the truly nutty business about his birth certificate. People really had been brainwashed into believing Barack Obama was some Manchurian candidate planning to betray America.

[He] was the first to go on the radio and spout off this crazy nonsense. It got him ratings, so eventually he dragged Hannity and Rush to Looneyville along with him. My longtime friend Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News, was not immune to this. He got swept into the conspiracies and the paranoia and became an almost unrecognizable figure.”

There are endless examples of Levin lying to his audience to perpetuate an agenda he claims to understand, but nothing about his message carries weight in logical claims. If he can lie about election fraud or Barrack Obama’s birth certificate, how are we to trust his take on “marxism.”

Fear is a great motivator when you’re already living in a fear-based culture. I wrote this on twitter recently in response to someone fear mongering Republicans.

“How to motivate a Republican: tell him how scary the world is. How to motivate a liberal: promise him a branded mug and branded shopping bag with their donation to keep the radio station on the air.”

The fear motivation liberals are using right now are: climate change is causing the weather weirdness we’re seeing all over the world (e.g. German deluges, out-of-control wildfires, uptick in rain elsewhere, wildfire smoke, etc.).

Or you should get vaccinated so you or your loved ones don’t die of a severe respiratory illness that is wiping out people en masse all over the world.

These calls to take action are to help our survival. Not eliminate it.

I wonder often if the rationale for opposing things like Climate Change or vaccinations is because Republicans tend to hold a Christian worldview which is already chockfull of predictions about the world (second coming surrounded by increased weather terror, geopolitical terror, geological terrors, etc). Is the mind so full of these things that anything else is “unbelievable”?

But Mark Levin, preacher of all things fear surrounding his perception that “marxism” is taking over America. He brands his perceived political enemies as “diabolical,” something I will repeat is what’s wrong with America. If we continue this branding opponents as evil or enemies, we are never going to heal what’s dividing us.

But healing and love doesn’t sell. Hate and division sells books.

Why can’t we get Mark Levin and anyone who reads him to look at the world as nuanced and gray? Why do we have to perceive marxism as destroying America, when it’s clearly not, but it is in the minds of tormented greedy jerks like Mark Levin.

People like Mark Levin love to preach that everyone Democrat HATES America. But we all live here. And in our liberal way, we love America. We don’t want Mark Levin gone or to “move to another country.” We want to all agree that we all belong here and making enemies is making hate.

Mark Levin’s behavior is hating Democrats, which essentially makeup around half of America. Let’s pretend it’s 45% of America. That means to love America more is to eliminate 45% of its population. Then, and only then, would America be America.

Hey Mark, how did these people get here? Have you ever examined your views on hate? What happens if you actually sat down with me at dinner and talked? Would you look at me in the face and say, “You’re the problem. You don’t belong here. Get the fuck out!”

I don’t think so. And neither do you.

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