Gee, Anne, don’t you wish the almighty would have provided a way to avoid this suffering?

Anne Graham Lot, daughter of Billy Graham, took to her Facebook page to announce her son’s journey into Covid hospitalization.

She wrote:

Fifty years ago I could hold my son in my arms. Now I have placed him in the arms of Jesus. He has been hospitalized with COVID and is in critical condition

The responses are all the typical prayerful words of encouragement.

I do not revel in another person’s pain and I wish deeply that she wasn’t in need of making this prayer request nor that her son is in critical condition. But come on.

What is mind blowing is we live in an age ruled by scientific advancements that the people who wrote the Bible weren’t even close to understanding, and yet the Bible seems to be informing people that all they need are thoughts and prayers.

I met Mrs. Lot once on a video shoot. She was the inspiration for a gallery wall of images we have. Even her brother is an advocate for the vaccine.

One would think that a treasure at the level of the vaccine would be a gift from the Almighty himself.

Then there’s this story that the right-wingers in southern states are owning the libs by not getting vaccinated.

Political warfare.

It’s challenging not to think that the virus is going to weed out lots of voters making it easier for liberals to win elections. I really don’t wanna see people go through this. And I sincerely hope that some voice or voices finally breaks through to anyone who is afraid of the vaccine to just GET IT!

When science predicts the future, ya gotta listen