The difficulty of a head soooo far up its own ass.

Ms Stefanik is a shining example of the right demonizing one thing while embracing that thing.

I’ve been told many times that all people have access to healthcare, regardless of income level. That, dear reader, is the Emergency Room. Anyone can enter and be cared for. And if you’re like me, your deductible is sky high. So a simple wasp sting last year cost me over $5,500 for a 3-hour visit.

Now, if I were poor, I could just avoid paying the bill. That’s what I have been told, anyway. My fellow friends who vote R tell me that hospitals assume that up to 1/3 of its patients aren’t going to pay their bills. Which means higher bills for rubes like me who will pay the tab and move on.

What has been described to me as “just the way it is” hoists a garden full of red flags.

Think about it: the version of healthcare that I’m expected to appreciate in this country is one weighted down by the inequities of poor people. I’m expected to pay more for my ER visit, because some people don’t pay, essentially having me and any other hard working boob to shoulder the burden of poor people who needed stitches or had a heart attack.

So either we all pay into a socialized version of healthcare and everyone gets a version of healthcare that is not only emergency related but preventative, and we all win. Or I only get healthcare when it’s an emergency, and I have to pay for it through the nose.

Which is it? I would prefer the socialized version that everyone who can pays into it and we all benefit.

Meanwhile, the people feeding other people with the misinformation that has convinced them that the ER is the right answer to our capitalistic society of amazingness, receive THE best healthcare options in the world, including but not withstanding politicians and people of great wealth.

People like me, with no worth to their overarching dreams, aren’t worth the time or effort to help. So the they love to let us all dream of better lives, whilst they swim in pools of unknown piles of cash.

Be best, y’all. Be best.