When Trump Praised A Future Takeover By The Taliban

I’ve heard straight from misinformed flow of mouths repeating bullshit they are fed on the FoxNews network that Biden is bumbling the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

There is a short memory regarding what dear god leader trump did back in February. But I don’t expect short-sighted, mismanaged news acquisition to be anyone’s strong suit. I find it disturbing.

The video is here. The video of Trump’s wishes are here.

“And they’re killing Christians in Afghanistan!”

Oh wait! There’s always a response.

But if I spoke up, I’d be the bad guy, who has been convinced by the media to “hate” the former guy.

And while I’m posting the previous guy in his own words, I’m the one who is misinformed or misguided?

Biden’s fucking up the withdrawal. Fine.

But the previous guy bumbled and douched up his complete adoration for the Taliban, probably, because he was a sore loser and wanted to do anything he could to set up a ticking time bomb to go off under Biden’s watch.

Or mashups like this can give perfect insight into the “stable genius.”

And they said piggies couldn’t fly

This morning I listened to NIH director Francis Collins interviewed about the rising need for a covid vaccination booster shot.

Francis Collins. Jesus. When a man who loves Jesus who also is a professional in his career and advocates for education and science is someone I agree with … good god almighty, the pigs are flying.

But you know what? There’s a part of me that wants to scream, STOP telling everyone to wear masks and get vaccinated! Look at who it’s affecting? Red states are getting bowled over and even the governor of Texas is infected with Covid despite being double jabbed. If he can get Covid, then he can spread it. If he can spread it, he can give it to the moron with no vaccination. So let him do it! He’s way down in Texas and I’m way up in NC …

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