And they said piggies couldn’t fly

This morning I listened to NIH director Francis Collins interviewed about the rising need for a covid vaccination booster shot.

Francis Collins. Jesus. When a man who loves Jesus who also is a professional in his career and advocates for education and science is someone I agree with … good god almighty, the pigs are flying.

But you know what? There’s a part of me that wants to scream, STOP telling everyone to wear masks and get vaccinated! Look at who it’s affecting? Red states are getting bowled over and even the governor of Texas is infected with Covid despite being double jabbed. If he can get Covid, then he can spread it. If he can spread it, he can give it to the moron with no vaccination. So let him do it! He’s way down in Texas and I’m way up in NC …

But empathy and compassion for my fellow humans prevents me from really feeling that way.

I’m in North Carolina right now, the land of tar heels and blue skies, where masks don’t work and mens fighting for their rights!

And writing “mens” wasn’t a typo. It was written in southern dialect and I’m perplexed as to its viability as a movement and as to why I overheard someone crying about it recently.

Men’s Rights? What manufactured talking craziness is that?

What rights do men lack?

They can’t rape and pillage women with impunity? They can’t grope and pleasure themselves over them because of #metoo? The comment also went into the manly man territory and that if men don’t man up, this country is going to plummet into chaos and flaccid weakness.

I called a best friend of mine after I heard the comment and he sighed. “I don’t need any more rights,” he said. Take a picture of leadership in this country, it is inordinately white men with, should I say, “No rights?”

I’m so confused.

In one interaction recently, I heard the words, “Jer … Jer … I heard that masks don’t even work.”

Those comments are dumbfounding. What is a proper hygienic response to coughing or sneezing in public? Is it go up to someone and belch in their face?

It’s to cover one’s mouth, right?

What do people suffering the worst from Covid experience?

Respir-afucking-tory diseases. Where do those sit? In the fucking lungs. Where do the lungs extinguish their gasses? Out the butthole of your fucking face.

Wear a fucking mask.

Whether you’re 10 or 90, the respiratory hole is the main place from where the disease emits.

What’s weird is one of my best friends is a Rush Limbaugh loving republican. I keep meaning to ask him what he’s replaced his love affair for the man with since his demise. He owns a business in the town where our AirBnB is. This is a flag-waving Trump supporter. And you know what? He is completely on board with the science behind masks for his son, for him, his business, and his life. He’s one of the many who aren’t falling for the political divisions pushed by the fringe groups and we’ve talked often about the stupidity of inserting political associations with something like Covid who could give two shits about what party you vote for.

But then you have these far-right conspiracy theorists who aren’t card carrying Qanon, but they repeat Qanon conspiracies, like “men’s rights” for the “men’s right’s movement” and whale about the lack of efficacy in masks and vaccinations, it really is troubling.

I don’t go around spouting my views, but I’ve responded to a couple of these conspiratorial expressions with disdain.

I know full well that I have the right to express my “opinions” but I don’t. I don’t because they just don’t need to be vocalized. I’m not insecure about them. I don’t need to go around getting validated constantly for disbelief in higher powers. That behavior is for the obsessed. I’ve got other things to worry about.

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