The Herman Cain Award! You, too, can be a winner!

The subreddit for the Herman Cain Award is a sad yet entertaining dedication to the schadenfreude feeling accepters of science feel when science deniers get their comeuppance. The site is dedicated to awarding post-humous trophies for their investment in social media bashing the pandemic, masks and the disease, only to find themselves tubed, tagged and entombed. Oh, and some nice person memorializes them with a kindly written obit.

It is a train wreck.

Here’s a good example:

A couple of things Stan’s posting

Over at one of my favorite blogs TYWKIWDBI, Stan posted several things of interest. This video of a nurse who loves Covid deniers:

Then this bit he shared about the the new variant of covid denialism (I kept his emphases emboldened):

“It’s worth recalling that in the early days of the pandemic, Republican COVID denialism began as a largely reflexive partisan instinct. President Trump was too upset by the emergence of a pandemic, at a moment when he believed he had seized a decisive campaign advantage, to admit that he was facing a serious crisis that required action. And so he began insisting the virus would disappear quickly…
The Republicans’ original premise for these beliefs was that Democrats were hyping up the pandemic as a pretext to shut down the economy and thereby to harm his chances of reelection… That entire conspiracy theory has collapsed. And yet the beliefs it spawned — that masks and vaccines were unnecessary — have remained in place
Until COVID came along, not even doctrinaire libertarians opposed government vaccine mandates. For decades, institutions like the military and schools have routinely required a long list of vaccines. HuffPost’s Jonathan Cohn cites the works of libertarian writers such as Jessica Flanigan (“A Defense of Compulsory Vaccination,” 2013), Jason Brennan (“A Libertarian Case for Mandatory Vaccination,” 2018), and Ilya Somin, all of whom supported vaccine mandates before COVID existed.
But even if you were such a libertarian extremist that you opposed vaccine requirements, there’s no conceivable justification for banning private business from requiring vaccinations. When Cruz insists, “No one should force anyone to take the vaccine — including the federal government or an employer,” he is trampling on property rights and freedom of association, principles a small-government conservative like Cruz usually defends fanatically…
There is no clever plan here — just politicians so desperate to cater to the pathologies of their base that they chase one another to adopt the most politically toxic and socially hazardous position available. Donald Trump’s heirs have tested the political marketplace and arrived at a morbid conclusion: His supporters would rather die than admit they were wrong.”

And this bit about childless liberals (which I read about at the time it was originally a talking point, but the reminder made me shake my head):

Again, I’m leaving the emphases that Stan emboldened:

 “Ohio Senate candidate J. D. Vance… held that the “childless left,” exemplified, in his view, by politicians like Pete Buttigieg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Cory Booker, and Kamala Harris, is turning the country into a rump state of imperious cat ladies. “Let’s give votes to all children in this country,” Vance argued, by way of remedy, “but let’s give control over those votes to the parents of the children … We should worry that in America, family formation, our birth rates, a ton of indicators of family health have collapsed.”
Vance’s proposal was a hit on Fox and Friends, and The Federalist’s publisher, Ben Domenech, picked up the line of thinking in another segment that aired on the network earlier this week, arguing, inter alia, that “woke, socialist progressives” hate babies “more than anything else,” and that the left detests the fact that there are children, period. All the usual suspects—radical environmentalists agitating for depopulation, career-oriented girl bosses, critical race theorists—made their usual appearances, each offered as evidence of a leftward political bent that’s thoroughly anti-child.”

Read the full bit from The Atlantic.

Regarding Childless Liberals, I am one. So that one is fun.

What is he implying about childless conservatives? Are they superior to the liberal ones? How does one go about hating children? We weren’t able to have children, which was likely punishment by god for being against belief. What does god expect? He fucked with my parental potential, so I retaliate by “hating” children?

Good fucking stupid stupid stupid.

The bit about covid denialism is not a shock and it’s well framed and thought out. There’s a call on social medias and rumors that unvaccinated people are going to stop getting access to ICU beds.

The politicization of an apolitical topic of a disease is almost more asinine than demonizing childless adults.

What group has immunity from republican disdain other than white people? I can’t figure it out.

On topic, here are two stories that exemplify right-wing ease of racism.