Let’s take a look at the eviction moratorium

During a recent conversation, a friend expressed concern over buying an investment property because they’d get stuck with lowlife renters who would hide behind the eviction moratorium to not pay their rent and then squat for months or years.

“You mean the eviction moratorium that Mr. Trump put into place?” I asked.

“No, Biden. Biden is behind the eviction moratorium,” he responded.

Eye rolls.

“It started last year. It was voted to continue into this year and Mr. Biden is continuing it again. I understand that people are upset and I have read the news, but it started under Mr. Trump.”

“No no no no no.” It was the child’s equivalent of plugging your fingers in one’s ears and crying.

Here’s the one-sheet on the eviction moratorium. One can read it for him or herself.

The first page includes this: “The CDC eviction moratorium took effect September 4 and was initially set to expire on December 31. Congress extended the moratorium through January 2021 – and President Biden further extended it through March, June, and July – and provided a total of $46.5 billion for emergency rental assistance (ERA).”

My friend thinks the moratorium is creating lazy people that stay at home, don’t work and destroy landlords’ precious properties rent free.

But no where in the moratorium paperwork allows a person or people to stay in a property rent free. No where does it allow people to squat. Landlords have rights to evict under many circumstances, namely if they aren’t paying rent.

So that argument is simply untrue.

A friend who could basically improve his or her life by investing in a sound treasure trove of income potential is avoiding it because the risk of a non-existent politically imagined monster is sad. Just sad.

But who am I? Just a person who reads the fine print and doesn’t fall for shitty journalism at Brietbart.

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