A woman makes a solid case for no masks

Many are pointing out that this woman making the case for no masks, because God would have provided that if he truly wanted us to have it are pointing out she’s wearing clothing or glasses.

Many are not pointing out that she appears to have colored her hair from its likely natural gray. She’s holding a phone that can take pictures, compute different tasks and even google her favorite places to go, like restaurants in strip malls, all unnatural to creation.

If God wanted you to have feminine hygiene products, wouldn’t he have created them in the garden of eden? My goodness. My my my goodness.

The unvaccinated are forcing socialism down our throats!

From Axios:

The spike in hospitalizations of unvaccinated adults — which are almost all preventable — cost the U.S. health system more than $2 billion in June and July, per a KFF analysis.

Why it matters: Those costs are ultimately shouldered by all of us, not just those who remain unvaccinated and then get severely ill.

By the numbers: A coronavirus hospitalization costs, on average, around $20,000. 

Using CDC data, KFF estimated that there were around 37,000 preventable coronavirus hospitalizations among unvaccinated adults in June and another 76,000 in July. 

Between the lines: Someone has to pay for these hospitalizations. Although COVID patients themselves may be on the hook for at least part of the bill, a large chunk of the tab will fall on either private or public insurers.

And health insurance isn’t free — we all pay for it either through our premiums or our taxpayer dollars.

If we’re all shouldering the cost of these assholes who refuse the vaccine, please explain how that’s not socialism? And if that’s socialism, how is it shoved down our collective throats by the red-state morons who are eschewing the vaccine? Good golly almighty.

Read the whole thing.

There is a limit to their adorations

The second clip above shows that there is a threshold to Trump’s adoring superfans … and it’s not pussy grabbing. It’s not disparaging our troops or our war heroes. It’s not making fun of handicapped people. It’s not being a dick to our allies. It wasn’t kowtowing to dictators. It wasn’t bolstering the egos of white supremacists and neo-nazis.

It’s promoting that red-state wonders get the covid vaccine.

The Pfizer vaccine was fully approved this morning, which won’t do a lick of good.

And attention whore Mike Lindell is pushing the goal posts way back.