Let them eat paste!

What I’ve been saying all along, let them eat paste. Let them eschew the vaccines. Let them have free rein over their bodies. Let them use their failures against the Biden administration. Let ’em.

Let ’em be burdens on hospitals and doctors. Let them make it difficult for others to have access to healthcare, because they’re clogging hospitals’ arteries with stacks of cadavers.

There have been attempts at message clarity from the beginning. Yeah, first masks weren’t then were necessary. There was uncertainty about how to battle this thing. Fauci was more than he should and the echo chambers at conservative outlets had their heydays!. Fine.

But we’re out of those woods. And even with the success of a vaccine produced under the last guy’s watch, which should have been a gigantic victory for him, he squandered the opportunity in lieu of political ambition.

For the fuck’s sake, I’m more than sarcastic!

Please get vaccinated.

Please social distance.

Please wear masks.

For neighbors’ sakes!

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