Coronavirus Lingers in Penis and Could Cause Impotence

Finally, the game changer we’ve all been crossing our fingers for: covid could cause sexual issues in penis hard-a-tion:

Men now have one more compelling reason to get a COVID-19 vaccine — doctors suspect the new coronavirus could make it hard to perform in the bedroom.

How? Coronavirus infection is already known to damage blood vessels, and vessels that supply blood to the penis appear to be no exception.

Researchers armed with an electron microscope found coronavirus particles in penile tissue samples taken from two former COVID-19 patients who became impotent following their infection, which had occurred six and eight months earlier.

Further study revealed evidence of blood vessel damage in the penises of the COVID-19 patients, compared to two other men with erectile dysfunction who’d never been infected, the researchers reported May 7 in the World Journal of Men’s Health.

“We found that the virus affects the blood vessels that supply the penis, causing erectile dysfunction,” said senior researcher Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy, director of the reproductive urology program at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine. “The blood vessels themselves malfunction and are not able to provide enough blood to enter the penis for an erection.”

Just kidding. it’s old news.

That time we, as America, memorialized the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and glorious leader play-by-played pay-per-view boxing and spoke at a Moonie’s event

Perhaps one of the most egregious shows of anti-American patriotism yet, Mr. Donald Trump prioritized boxing and speaking on behalf of the Moonie Cult yesterday.

I started seeing in comments online that comments in far, right-wing websites were starting to emphasize the word “dictator” and the need for one in American politics. A very close friend of mine admitted one time during a conversation just before the election, “What we need in America is a benevolent dictator. But one does not exist.” I was furrowbrowed by the statement, because this person certainly knows the history of the world and the mounds of bodies piled under the throes of dictatorships.

Who thrust this idea into their circles and was able to get it to stick should be awarded some award.

Whelp, in what appears to be way too far past too far, here are videos of what Mr. Trump and what his allegiances are toward over the weekend, not American recognition of the attack of 9/11, but a cult organization that has long been mocked in American culture.

I can hear future conversations in my head explaining that the cult known as the Unification Church isn’t that bad. They are doing the work of the Lord, and thereby not the pejorative organization we thought of them 35 years ago when I was a teenager. They are now okay, and Trump is somehow a master for recognizing their amazingness. Or something.

If there’s one thing Trump accomplished, it was successfully erasing Christianity based on Jesus’s message from our out-facing culture. Guns, Self, Loyalty to one man not all, flag waving, race-hating, white loving, unification be damned weirdos. I never thought the people in my life would succumb so wildly energetically to a cult on top of their cult, but here we are.

Should one wish to do so, click on any of the tweets for the threads that follow. They are chockfull of other videos and egregious disdain for American ideals.